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The Library Hotel – Madison Avenue (review)

The Library Hotel on Madison Ave is one of those rare finds in New York City that are exceptionally hard to come by. And, if good fortune does lead you to it, you are most reluctant to give it up. The elegance of this hotel is understated and the comforts provided are homely. It’s like staying over at your wealthy uncle’s summer retreat; an uncle who happens to have a fondness for literary pursuits. The staff offers warm and courteous service, while the hotel manager will stop by for a few words and perhaps a drink in the evening.

This hotel just offers something a little bit different for the traveler that does not want the overpowering resort experience. It’s an intimate hotel with good prices, and it offers some little extras to keep guests happy. The trademark of this hotel is its selection of old books that are available in each and every room. More importantly than that, the staff is skilled, the rooms are top of the line, and the convenience factor is evident from the minute you walk into the Library.

The Library Hotel has a much-coveted address on Madison Avenue and it is located between the New York Public Library and the Morgan Library. There are sixty rooms in the hotel spread over 10 floors and each of these floors has a particular theme to it, inspired by the Dewey Decimal System. So, you could take your pick from Modern Literature, Astronomy, poetry, Paranormal Psychology, mystery, or eroticism.  The rooms are furnished according to the theme of the floor. For instance, the mystery room has an authentic typewriter from the era of Agatha Christie. However, the most sought after rooms happen to be Erotic Literature (predictably so!).

On a more general note, the guestrooms are divided into three broad categories – petite, deluxe, and junior suites. However, irrespective of their size, all rooms are tastefully decorated. They all are furnished with plants, artwork, plants, and home accents that are in sync with the room’s theme. Apart from that, they also have mahogany paneling, crepe bed coverings, chandeliers, antique furnishing, frosted glass panels, and champagne wallpaper. The décor is restricted to neutral shades.

When you choose to venture out of the room, the Library Hotel offers you equal comfort and luxury in its public spaces. The reading room, also known as the “Den” has unbelievably comfortable leather chairs you can sink into with a sigh! And, bringing the place to life and turning it into a picture-perfect reading room is the fireplace around which the chairs are arranged. The weekday wine and cheese receptions are held in this room and you can also have your complimentary breakfast here. The Poetry Terrace, another thoughtful place designed with potted plants and glass, is a great place to seek sanctuary when you want some fresh air, but do not wish to brave the traffic of the city.

Finding your way to the Library Hotel is very easy, but finding the heart to leave it behind and come back to the mundane rituals of day to day life is so difficult.

  • Address: 299 Madison Avenue at 41 Street, New York, NY 10017, USA
  • Location: At 41st St, Midtown East & Murray Hill
  • Phone: 877-793-7323, 212-983-4500
  • Prices: $295-$435 double; $595 Love Room or junior suite; $995 2-room family suite. Rates include a continental breakfast buffet, all-day snacks, and wine and cheese nightly.

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