Shopping DUMBO

DUMBO Shopping

Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood was once New York City’s manufacturing district. De-industrialization and subsequently low rentals eventually attracted artists beginning in the 1970s to establish their art studios and galleries in converted factories and warehouses. Today, the neighborhood is an art district in New York City and a premier destination for fine art. There are several art galleries in DUMBO especially along Front, Jay, Washington, and Plymouth Streets. A well-known destination for art is 111 Front Street Galleries, home to several private art galleries.

DUMBO from the Manhattan Bridge
DUMBO from the Manhattan Bridge by holycalamity

DUMBO is certainly not the destination for bargain hunting, which you are better off at Fifth Avenue, Fulton Street Mall, or the shopping malls in Brooklyn. The neighborhood is becoming affluent and home to many professionals with an expanding wallet. DUMBO may not yet be in the same league as Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue as a premier shopping district but definitely home to many classy and upscale stores, often housed in converted factories and warehouses. Upscale stores here include boutiques selling designer clothes as well as furniture, kitchenware, dining ware, antiques, and even souvenirs.

Plymouth Street in DUMBO
Plymouth Street in DUMBO by Jim Henderson

As a general comparison, you pay less at an upscale store in DUMBO than at a similar store in Manhattan. For fashion, Blueberi at 143A Front Street offers clothes designed by emerging or upcoming young designers in New York City. For designer labels, Zoë at 68 Washington Street offers clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags. Pomme at 81 Washington Street is devoted to children’s items including clothes and toys made in Brooklyn and European imports. Tivoli Home at 111 Front Street Galleries offers Scandinavian-designed kitchenware, dinnerware, and lighting.

DUMBO by Maurice Williams

DUMBO Shopping Guide

Exploring the streets of DUMBO, New York can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, this dynamic neighborhood has been transformed into a vibrant hub for shopping, sightseeing, and dining. From hip clothing boutiques to traditional delis and acclaimed eateries, there is something to appeal to every taste. But what makes DUMBO truly unique is its selection of boutique stores that offer an extraordinary shopping experience. Here is a thoughtful guide to exploring the wonders of DUMBO shopping.

A Different Kind of Shop

When it comes to shopping in DUMBO, you won’t find your typical retail chains or big-box stores. Instead, you’ll discover a wide range of independent shops and boutiques with a unique spin on everyday items. Whether it’s jewelry crafted from recycled materials or cutting-edge fashion inspired by the ocean, these venues provide customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Supporting Local Businesses

Shopping at DUMBO’s many boutique stores helps to support the local economy. By patronizing small businesses, shoppers help create jobs and stimulate growth in the community. Plus, when it comes to quality and customer service, you won’t find anything better than in an independently owned store.

Something for Everyone

The variety of stores in DUMBO means there is something for everyone. From trendy clothes to vintage furniture, gourmet food to handmade crafts, shoppers are sure to find something they love. And if they don’t know what they’re looking for, browsing through the shops is a great way to discover something new.

DUMBO shopping offers a unique opportunity to explore one of New York City’s most creative neighborhoods. Whether you’re searching for a special gift or just looking to window shop, you’re sure to find something inspiring at the boutiques and stores in this vibrant area.

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