Best Affordable Neighborhoods NYC

Best Affordable Neighborhoods in All 5 NYC Boroughs

Most Affordable NYC Neighborhoods in Each Borough

Finding an affordable living space in New York City can be difficult. But if you know where to look, there are neighborhoods in all five boroughs that offer great value and quality of life at a reasonable price. Here, we’ll explore the best affordable neighborhoods in all five NYC boroughs. Here are 5 affordable neighborhoods in all of NYC for those on a budget:

5. St George – Staten Island

The waterfront neighborhood of St George on Staten Island is one of the most desirable places to live in all five boroughs. The area boasts scenic views, close proximity to Manhattan, excellent public schools, and beautiful parks. Its location on the island’s North Shore ensures easy access to city attractions while providing a peaceful setting. With median rents hovering around $2,300 and single-family homes available for under $700K, St George is an attractive choice for those looking for affordability.

Although it’s undeniably less city-like than the rest of New York, Staten Island is great for renters who like value and don’t care too much about a long commute. The ferry can be a great place to get some reading done or meditate.

Staten Island

Staten Island can be surprisingly affordable and offers a more laid-back quality of life that many people enjoy. Stapleton is one of the most popular options for those looking for an affordable neighborhood in Staten Island, followed by Tottenville and West New Brighton.

4. Kingsbridge – The Bronx

This vibrant neighborhood in the northwest corner of The Bronx offers plenty of amenities at an affordable price point. Kingsbridge boasts plenty of restaurants, local parks, libraries and shops. It’s also home to the Kingsbridge Armory, one of the largest armories in the US. Median rents in Kingsbridge hover around $1,849, while starter homes start at around $500K.

Sure, this part of the Bronx is even farther north than Inwood, but move to Kingsbridge and you’ll trade a slightly longer commute for some real savings on rent. One feature that makes a lasting impression is the series of open-air public stairways running up and down neighborhood hills; they seem as steep and geometric as lines on a graph.

the bronx visitors guide

The Bronx has long been known for its affordability, and this still holds true today. The South Bronx is the most popular destination for those looking for cheap rent, and it’s now home to some very desirable neighborhoods such as Mott Haven and Port Morris. Other good options include Kingsbridge and West Farms.

3. Ridgewood – Queens

Ridgewood is an up-and-coming neighborhood in Queens that’s become increasingly popular with young professionals and families. Located close to both Bushwick in Brooklyn and Maspeth in Queens, Ridgewood has a unique blend of cultures and vibes – making it one of the most interesting places to live in the city. You can find rentals ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments starting at $2,495 per month. For buyers, starter homes are available for under $700K.

Ridgewood, with its effortlessly tranquil streets and homegrown sensibilities, is an excellent place to begin. Ridgewood is a Central Queens neighborhood that mixes old and new. Today, the community is an amalgamation of long-time, old-school Eastern European residents, a Hispanic community, and younger artist types who are starting to fall under Ridgewood’s spell.

Queens Neighborhood Guide

Queens is the most diverse borough and home to some of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city. Astoria has always been a popular choice for those looking for relatively inexpensive living with easy access to Manhattan, and Jackson Heights is also worth considering. If you’re willing to go a bit further out, Flushing and Elmhurst are good options as well.

2. Crown Heights – Brooklyn

Crown Heights is one of the latest hotspots in Brooklyn, offering a thriving nightlife scene and a vibrant community atmosphere. With its easy access to Prospect Park and Prospect Heights as well as Brownstone Brooklyn neighborhoods like Boerum Hill, Crown Heights is a great place for those looking for something a bit more affordable than other areas of the borough. Median rents range from $1,600-$2,300, while starter homes start at around $800K.

Crown Heights is an eclectic spot, with peaceful streets lined with townhouses nestling next to blocks of dollar stores and neon-lit bodegas. Crown Heights is close to the best of what Brooklyn has to offer. It has plenty of affordable housing to boot. People often assume that this neighborhood is dangerous, but that’s simply not true. It is a great, safe place to live!

Bay Ridge NY

Brooklyn is one of the most popular boroughs and home to some excellent affordable neighborhoods. The most popular of these is Bushwick, which has become increasingly popular among young professionals who want to live close to Manhattan without paying exorbitant rent. Bed-Stuy is another great option – it’s slightly cheaper than Bushwick, but still close enough to public transportation. Other great options include Sunset Park and Crown Heights.

1. Inwood – Manhattan

Inwood is an often-overlooked neighborhood in Washington Heights that’s an ideal spot for those looking for an affordable place to call home in Manhattan. Inwood offers a diverse ethnic mix and plenty of green space, including Fort Tryon Park, Inwood Hill Park, and Isham Park. Rental prices start at around $1,500 per month while starter homes are available for under $700K.

Inwood is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, at the northern tip of Manhattan Island. The neighborhood has some of the city’s best green space and an awesome, low-key vibe. Inwood is also great for people who commute to jobs outside of the city by car.  Tucked away at the very top of the island, it may not be the most convenient location for some, but it is definitely worth it for affordability-minded Manhattanites.

Upper East Side New York

Living affordably in Manhattan can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible! Harlem is an excellent option – despite its recent surge in popularity, rents here are still significantly lower than other parts of Manhattan. Washington Heights is another great pick, with much cheaper apartments than its southern neighbor. You should also consider Inwood and the Lower East Side too.


No matter what part of town you’re looking for, there’s sure to be an affordable neighborhood out there that fits your budget and lifestyle. Whether you want to live near the hustle and bustle of Manhattan or you prefer a more suburban option in Staten Island, these five neighborhoods offer great value and quality of life.

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