NYC Tourists vs. Locals

13 Things Locals Hate About New York City Tourists

NYC Locals vs. Tourists

As an experienced visitor to New York City, I can say that locals have a begrudging respect for tourists. It’s true that the pace of life in NYC can be fast and unforgiving, so time-wasting is indeed something that many New Yorkers don’t have the luxury of doing. However, this doesn’t mean that New Yorkers are unwilling to help visitors or answer questions.

In fact, the reputation of being rude and abrasive towards tourists may actually arise from the fact that visitors often act in ways that are disruptive or inconsiderate. For example, tourists might stand in large groups blocking busy sidewalks or subway cars, or take up precious space on public transportation by leaving their luggage strewn about. They may also ask overly complicated questions or become easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and sights around them. Such behavior understandably causes frustration among locals who already live in such a densely packed city.

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It’s important to remember, however, that New York City is a tourist hub for a reason. It offers unparalleled amounts of culture, history, entertainment, and food experiences all within a bustling metropolitan atmosphere. As long as you take into account the needs of locals and act accordingly, you’ll find your experience to be quite enjoyable and memorable.

Tourists walk without a sense of purpose.

On the busy streets of New York City, it’s common to come across tourists who seem to be ambling around aimlessly. While their lack of directional clarity is understandable, given how overwhelming the city can be for newcomers, their meandering can create a nuisance for local pedestrians. Not only do they fail to adhere to the general pace of the city, but they also habitually stand in the middle of a sidewalk and stop dead in their tracks while staring at maps on their phones. It’s an inconsiderate behavior that should be avoided whenever possible. Fortunately, many resources are available to help tourists locate their destination quickly and efficiently without impeding traffic flow.

Take selfies with the annoying selfie sticks.

New York City is a popular destination among tourists, and the desire to commemorate their visit is understandable. Unfortunately, some visitors haven’t mastered the art of taking selfies without causing harm or disruption to those around them. Selfie sticks can easily knock into passersby or obstruct an already busy street, making it necessary for tourists to exercise caution with their pictures.

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Tourists aren’t careful on the subway.

Taking the NYC subway can be a disorienting experience for tourists, as sudden accelerations or stops can send them off-balance and tumbling into other passengers. It may look funny, but it’s also dangerous. If someone falls in unfortunate circumstances, they could easily hurt not only themselves but also more vulnerable passengers, such as the elderly or those carrying fragile items.

The best way to make sure that you stay safe and sound on the NYC subway is to always keep a firm grip on the handrails – no matter how gently the train seems to be moving. Additionally, don’t stand too close to the edges of the platform, and make sure to check the directional signs before boarding the train so that you don’t end up in the wrong direction. And when disembarking, move away from the doors quickly. Following these simple steps can help ensure a smooth ride for both tourists and locals alike.

Walk together in fours side-by-side.

Tourists strolling the streets of New York City often appear to think they own the sidewalk. They walk in groups of four, hand in hand, determined to keep close together and sticking to a slow pace. This creates an obstacle for locals and other pedestrians wishing to overtake them, as few can manage to pass the group. Groups such as these are seemingly scared of being separated in one of the world’s busiest cities and will go to great lengths to remain united; however, this can make it difficult for those who need to get past.

Misuse of shared bike facilities.

The ongoing misuse of shared bike facilities by tourists visiting New York City is an issue of growing concern. Visitors have been observed cycling in the wrong direction, passing through pedestrian areas, and failing to return bicycles properly after use – demonstrating a severe lack of consideration for other users of these resources. This behavior has caused considerable disruption to local communities, leading to overcrowding as tourists simply ‘hoard’ bikes with no intention of returning them.

Clueless when ordering coffee.

Tourists visiting the city’s popular coffee shops can often find themselves feeling a little uncertain when it comes to making their order. Despite having taken a few moments to consider the menu and options, they often hesitate or change their mind at the last minute.

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This can add unwanted delays to the ordering process, provoking comparisons with the iconic “Soup Nazi” episode from Seinfeld, which was set in this city. To make things easier for yourself and those behind you in line, it pays to do your due research before entering the shop and making your selection. That way, you’ll be sure of exactly what you want – and have your coffee in no time!

Backpacks on crowded trains.

As travelers have become increasingly aware of the dangers posed by backpacks in crowded public spaces, the need for passengers to responsibly adjust their behavior has grown. In particularly crowded public transportation such as New York City’s subway system, backpacks can cause a considerable strain on the limited space available. By wearing a backpack, a passenger is taking up an amount of space equivalent to two people – a phenomenon that can be doubly problematic when trying to find seating.

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In light of this issue, it is important that individuals are mindful of the space they occupy and make adjustments accordingly. This might mean dismounting one’s pack and carrying it, or making sure it does not obstruct the aisle. Travelers should also avoid bringing overly large bags into spaces where many people are crowded, as this could lead to discomfort or even danger for themselves and those around them. Taking these steps can go a long way toward ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience for everyone.

Ask for directions constantly.

As an experienced traveler, I understand the difficulties of navigating through unfamiliar locations and the need for directions. However, with technology at our fingertips, tourists have no excuse for not finding the information they are looking for. In addition to maps and apps that serve as travel guides, there is a wealth of information available on the Internet regarding reviews of products and local shops.

The ironic part is that many tourists can’t seem to part with their phones but fail to acknowledge that all the information they’re looking for is within reach. If you’re ever in need of directions or other inquiries, try your best to explore different digital resources before asking someone else – talking to Siri or using a search engine are both great starting points.

Tourists walk slowly.

Despite the fast-paced city lifestyle, many tourists tend to take their time when exploring New York City. Although this is understandable, given that there is so much to take in, it can end up frustrating locals who are just trying to get from point A to point B. As any New Yorker knows, even a few moments of hesitation on the street can mean gridlock and an aggravatingly slow pace of life.

This isn’t to suggest that visitors should rush through their sightseeing. Rather, they should be mindful of their effect on other pedestrians, especially during peak hours. Don’t forget that you’re not the only person with somewhere to go! Paying attention to which side of the sidewalk you walk on and making sure you don’t linger in heavily trafficked areas can make a big difference in ensuring everyone of all speeds can enjoy the city’s attractions.

Suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

As bustling New Yorkers navigate the city streets, they are all too familiar with the sight of tourists blocking the sidewalks while taking pictures of the iconic buildings and landmarks in the area. This often leads to frustration as these visitors slow down the pace of those moving to their destinations.

But these tourists also provide a unique opportunity for locals and visitors alike to pause and appreciate the beauty of the city. By taking a moment to admire its sights or peruse the local products, these keen-eyed visitors give everyone else a chance to take a moment and marvel at what New York City has to offer.

Photograph everything.

New York City is a photogenic destination that has become a popular choice for vacationers looking to capture some unforgettable memories. However, in their enthusiasm to snap everything in sight, tourists often overlook the importance of sensitivity and respect for their surroundings.

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From graffiti-filled walls to everyday curiosities such as manhole covers, it can be easy to forget that many passersby don’t have the luxury of stopping to wait while they document their trip. As such, travelers should be mindful when taking pictures and considerate of those who may be affected by their actions. Taking a few moments to pause and appreciate the beauty of New York City without the need for documentation can help create a more pleasant experience for all involved.

Can’t master the simple act of swiping the subway card.

Tourists often struggle to use the subway payment system due to a combination of outdated card-reading infrastructure and a lack of familiarity with the system. When attempting to swipe their cards at the turnstile, many discover that the process does not work as intended, leaving them feeling frustrated and confused.

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The issue may be caused by swiping a card on the wrong side of the reader, having an invalid or expired card, or a multitude of other potential issues. This common occurrence is understandably irritating to locals who are used to navigating public transit with relative ease.

Accuse locals of rudeness.

Tourists and locals in New York City often have a difficult relationship. Tourists often complain about the rudeness of the locals, suggesting that they are unfriendly and unhelpful to visitors in their city. Meanwhile, many locals express frustration with tourists behaving inappropriately by disregarding local laws and customs.

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It is important to acknowledge that not all tourists behave badly, nor do all locals deserve the negative reputation they receive. Furthermore, tourists bring valuable economic benefits to the city, creating jobs and helping support businesses. Thus, while it is understandable why locals might be displeased when encountering inappropriate behavior, it is important to remember that many tourists strive to respect the community they visit.

For tourist-local relationships to improve, mutual respect must be cultivated. It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that tourists feel welcome and appreciated while understanding and respecting local laws and customs. With this balance of courtesy and civility, tourists and locals can work together to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere in New York City.

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