Best Soho NYC Shopping Deals

Best Shopping Deals in Soho, NYC

Best Places for Discounts in SoHo, New York

Feel the need to revamp your wardrobe but feeling the pinch money-wise? Sweetheart, you are living in New York. While it might be one of the most expensive cities in the world, the wonderful news is that you can still find really great stuff at bargain prices. All you have to do is know where to go.

Today we are going to look at the best sidewalk shops in SoHo. Those who are well endowed (financially, we mean!) may never consider stepping out of their fancy cars, in their fancy heels, and doing some legwork on the pavements of SoHo. However, smarter girls like us know that you can pick up the really good stuff at prices that you are going to blow your mind from these sidewalk shops. Time to stock up our wardrobe!

Designer Look Likes

If you are looking for some shades to save your pretty peepers from the glare of the sun, you can pick up some designer lookalike styles at this place called the…well, Designer Look Likes. They may not be very imaginative when it comes to the name, but they sure as hell know their business. Here you can find aviators that bear subtle resemblance to the Gucci ones for less than $20 or Ray-Ban Wayfarers for about $10 to $15 or Prada round frames in the range of $15. Head towards W Houston St between Sullivan and Thompson Sts., Fri to Sun from 11am–6pm.

Sanuk by Jeremy

Jewelry on your mind? Sanuk by Jeremy offers you raw stone and silver rings. A native of New York, Jeremy has partnered with Thai jewelry makers and he can be found selling his wares in front of Shrine Church of St. Anthony. His stuff is on the pricier side and is bound to set you back by a couple of hundred dollars, but, all his rings are a huge style statement. If you fancy his signature skull ring, it can be yours for just $200. Wear it, flaunt it and forget about the hole it burnt in your pocket. The address is W Houston St between Sullivan and Thompson Sts (914-610-8768) and you can spot him from Fri to Sun between 9:30am to 7pm.

Paul Aude Designs

If Vintage is your style, you will love the stuff at Paul Aude Designs. Turkish leather bags, belts, even journals look suitably and impressively aged like they just came out of the museum. How does he do it? Well, a little bit of oil and a good deal of exposure to sunlight adds about 30 years to his merchandise. Pick up a leather backpack that wears a weather-worn look for $140, or maybe you prefer wristlets that come to you below $40. You can spot Paul Aude Designs at Prince St between Broadway and Mercer St (212-365-4223), Thu to Sun from 11am to 6:30pm.

There’s more from where that came from, but since we believe in serving good stuff in bite-sized pieces, I am going to see you tomorrow…with some more interesting places that we are going to case out together.

Hello there, we are back! Waiting desperately for us to continue our feature on the best pavement shopping destinations in SoHo? Well, we are really touched that you would spend your precious time wondering when we’d be back. And you must be glad that we live up to our promises, come rain or shine!

Okay continuing where we left off, ummm…where were we? Yeah, SoHo, pavement shopping, great deals…


If you are looking for fancy looking headpieces, to make your hairdo look even fancier, go in for Nadia Scaglione’s designs. These headpieces are made from bird feathers and natural silks, and the headbands are funky and stylish. Pick up a taffeta bow style for $30 or peacock hair combs for $20. And if it’s hats you are after, they are available in the range of $75–$185. Look for Anadiadesigns at Prince St between Mott and Mulberry Sts (917-749-3936) on Sat and Sun, from noon to 6pm.

Guenevere Rodriguez

Don’t think that the jewelry that you saw in that high-end store is beyond your reach. Guenevere Rodriguez might sell her designs to stores like Henri Bendel and Steven Alan, but, should you chance upon her street outpost in SoHo, you can buy delicate chains and hammered hoops at 50% less. Dainty stone rings that would normally set you back by $98–$150 can be got for $38–$98. Or, those long chain necklaces with semi-precious pendants you liked but couldn’t afford because it was close to $150 can be yours for less than $100. Quite a steal, isn’t it? This petite designer sits at Prince St between Mott and Mulberry Sts (718-387-4878), from Fri to Sun, between 11am and 7pm.

Magic Leather Girls

Spice up your casual outfit with some funky leather bracelets, hand-carved cuff, and thickly studded bangles. Where can you get your hand on such cool stuff? Well, at a store that has a very eye-catching name – Magic Leather Girls. The counter is looked after by Chiquita Montgomery, Mia Davis, and Dolce Muir, who personally work their skill on pieces of leather to give you accessories that are as smart as they are a style statement in themselves. You can find them at E 14th St at Park Ave South, from Thu to Sun, between 11am and 7pm.

L’Art de la Rue

Finally,  on our list, we have L’Art de la Rue started by Karubi Mohamed, a globe trotter who brings treasures from all over the world to you in Manhattan. From carved stone rings to assorted charm necklaces made from shells and brass keys to rings made of antique coins, you are sure to pick up all kinds of unusual stuff here. Catch him at Ninth Ave between 14th and 15th Sts, from Wed to Mon, 11am to 6pm.

Happy Shopping!

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