Boldt Castle – Heart Island NY

Boldt Castle – Heart Island, New York

Heart Island Castle

One of the most interesting attractions you can visit in the 1000 Islands region in New York is Boldt Castle on Heart Island. Boldt Castle is a huge, 120-room fanciful mansion and complex that was built at the turn of the century by George C. Boldt. Boldt undertook the project in 1900 as a gift for his wife Louise.

The building of the mansion was suspended in 1904 following the death of Louise, and the Castle was neglected for more than 70 years. The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired the Castle in 1977, and since then millions of dollars have been used in expansive and elaborate restorations.

Tour Heart Island in the 1000 Islands Region of New York State

Today you can tour several rooms and areas of the eleven-building Boldt Castle complex. Visitors enjoy marveling at the mish-mash of architectural styles displayed in the unique structures. Typical of homes in America of the Gilded Age, it seems as if hundreds of years of architectural history were combined in the complex’s creation. You will recognize both medieval and Victorian styles in various parts of this unique complex.

During your visit to Heart Island, you can tour six structures: the Castle, Alster Tower, the Hennery, the Arch, the Power House, and a charming stone Gazebo. You can start off your tour by viewing a 15-minute orientation video that details information on George and Louise Boldt and the history of the 1000 Islands region. Information about some of the incredible restoration efforts that have been undertaken on the Island is also detailed.

The Castle

Heart Island Castle is a breathtakingly beautiful structure located at the entrance of a small island in the Atlantic Ocean.  This castle has been standing since the 12th century when it was built by King Richard II as part of his vision to construct a grand fortress to hold his treasure. The castle has two amazing features that make it stand out from other castles – its powerhouse and clock tower. The powerhouse provides all the energy needed for the entire castle, while the clock tower is an impressive four stories high and serves as an iconic landmark for tourists visiting Heart Island.

Power House and Clock Tower

One of the most picturesque buildings you will visit on your tour of Heart Island is the Power House and Clock Tower. The Power House features an arched stone bridge and resembles a storybook Medieval-style castle. Inside the Power House, you will see photos demonstrating the lifestyle of those who lived in this area at the turn of the century. There is also an intriguing steam engine display that resembles the one which would have provided power for the Island’s grounds.

Alster Tower

Alster Tower is another incredible structure you will tour at Heart Island. It was primarily used as an entertainment area for guests and features the beautiful Shell Room and a basement bowling alley. The plans designed for the upper floors included bedrooms, a billiard room, a cafe, a grill and kitchen, and more.

You can access Boldt Castle by water taxi, private boat, or on a tour boat, and you take a self-guided tour from mid-May through the middle of October. 5-acre Heart Island includes restrooms, concessions stands, picnic areas, and a gift shop for visitors’ convenience.

Heart Island Castle tours

Welcome to Heart Island Castle Tours! For centuries, the majestic castle on Heart Island has been a source of wonder and intrigue to all who witness its grandeur. Built in the 13th century by King Wilfred, it stands as a testament to his love for his beloved Queen Isabelle. Now, visitors from across the world can take guided tours throughout this breathtaking fortress and experience its beauty up close.

Tours start with a scenic walk along the island’s shoreline where guests will be treated to stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and stunning sunsets over distant horizons. From there, adventurers are taken through the majestic gates of Heart Island Castle and shown around its many halls and chambers. During their tour, they will learn about King Wilfred’s reign as well as other interesting facts about this incredible structure.

Final Word

Heart Island Castle is a must-visit destination for any traveler looking to explore a beautiful, historical landmark. Its well-preserved architecture and breathtaking views make it one of the most captivating castles in Europe. A visit to Heart Island Castle is an experience that every traveler should have in their lifetime. There is something truly special about standing in the same rooms and hallways as people did centuries ago.

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