City Island, Bronx

Spanning 1.5 miles in length, City Island is a quaint island in the Bronx, New York City. Located along the calm waters of the Long Island Sound, this island is a popular destination for yachting and boating. Fresh seafood is readily available on this small island that has locally-owned restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. The Nautical Museum presents the area’s history and culture with permanent exhibits and walking tours.

Attractions on City Island

The City Island Nautical Museum presents the rich maritime history of the area in a charming building. Exhibits at this museum focus on the sail-making, boat-building, and yachting industries of the island for several generations. The permanent collection also includes scale models of various commercial and recreational vessels that have navigated the waters around New York City. You’ll also learn about America’s Cup, one of the most prestigious awards in yachting.

Additionally, the nautical museum offers walking tours with stops at more than a dozen sites of interest on the island. The guided tours start at the Veterans Memorial Triangle on the island’s northern tip. Some of the venues that you’ll discover during the excursions include the Pelham Cemetery, Children’s Park and the Stepping Stones Lighthouse at Belden Point.

City Island Recreation

Surrounded by water on all sides, City Island is naturally home to several marinas and yacht clubs that offer recreational services. Charter fishing cruises and other tours on the local rivers and bays are also offered at these venues. You can also rent motorized fishing boats and non-motorized watercraft to explore the local area.

Marine supplies stores, docks, maintenance shops, and fueling stations are available on the island. You’ll also find several shops that sell fishing supplies for all skill levels. Some of the marinas and docks welcome visitors who just want to sit back and watch luxurious yachts and other specialty vessels navigate the water. You might also view various birds that are native to the island and the vicinity, such as great blue herons and buffleheads.


Seafood is without a doubt the most popular type of food on City Island. After all, the island has facilities that are specifically designated for catching and processing fresh catches from the Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean.

As you explore the island, you’ll find various dining establishments that offer delicious cuisine in waterfront settings. From lobster and shrimp to crabs and oysters, the menus in the area’s best restaurants have large selections of high-quality seafood. Red snapper, halibut, tilapia, and swordfish fillets are some other popular items at the district’s restaurants.

The casual eateries typically serve deep-fried seafood with classic sides, such as French fries and coleslaw. Italian-style menus are also common in some of the island’s best restaurants. For example, Portofino has a design that’s inspired by the Italian seafront. The Black Whale has a contemporary American theme that celebrates the area’s rich maritime heritage.

Visiting City Island

City Island is directly connected to the much larger Pelham Bay Park by a bridge that carries northbound and southbound traffic. City Island Avenue runs throughout the heart of this relatively narrow island that has a width of just a few blocks.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority also operates the Bx29 bus route along this main avenue. This line makes multiple stops in Pelham Bay Park and Co-Op City in the heart of the Bronx. Public parking is readily available in most parts of the island, especially the commercial areas. However, the marinas and residential neighborhoods might have limited parking during the day.

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