Quick Travel Guide to Buffalo NY Food

Quick Travel Guide to Buffalo NY Food

Buffalo travelers will find more than wings on the menu when visiting Western New York. Tradition feeds the hungry souls of Buffalonians and travelers alike.

Buffalo gets a bad rap over its weather but makes up for it with simple and traditional foods. This quick travel guide to Buffalo food will assist Western New York travelers in making a culinary vacation.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

To Buffalonians, these are simply “wings.” As Buffalo food legend has it, wings originated in 1964 at the Anchor Bar (1047 Main Street, Buffalo). Authentic Buffalo wings are deep-fried in oil then tossed in a hot sauce (Frank’s Hot Sauce is the original). Wings need to be served with celery sticks to spread the blue cheese dressing. Duff’s Famous Wings (3651 Sheridan Drive, Amherst) is the Anchor Bar’s rival and Buffalo travelers need to sample wings at both locations to determine their favorite.

Beef on Weck

Buffalonians agree, when it comes to this delish sandwich, it’s about the bun. “Weck,” short for kummelweck, is a Kaiser roll generously adorned with caraway seeds and chunky salt. Roast beef needs to be slow-roasted and true Buffalonians top the meat with ground horseradish for an extra bite. Anderson’s(6075 Main Street, Williamsville) and Charlie the Butcher (1065 Wehrle Drive, Williamsville) serve up equally tasty beef on weck sandwiches to Buffalo travelers.

Chiavetta’s Chicken

Mention Chiavetta’s barbeque chicken to a former Buffalonian and watch them salivate as they imagine biting into the slightly tangy, sweet, charcoal-broiled flavor of the tender meat. Chiavetta’s chicken can be found at local festivals, the annual Erie County Fair, and sometimes store parking lots. The marinade can be purchased at local grocery stores as Tops, Wegmans and WalMart.

Hawg Wings

These deep-friend and grilled pork shanks are younger cousins to Buffalo wings. Braun’s (11891 Main Street, Newstead) came up with the culinary creation in the early part of this century and serve hawg wings in varying flavors as Sweet Apple and Braun-B-Que, a zippy, spicy, and sweet sauce.

Sahlen’s Hot Dogs

Former Buffalonians travel home not because they miss the folks, but because they’re stocking up on Sahlen’s foot-long hot dogs, a Buffalo tradition since 1869. Buffalo travelers can enjoy charcoal-broiled Sahlen hot dogs at Ted’s Hot Dogs (7018 Transit Road, Williamsville).

Weber’s Mustard

Okay, it’s a condiment but a favorite among Buffalonians. The horseradish mustard has a kick and is the ideal topping for a charcoal-broiled Sahlen’s Hot Dog.

Widmer NY State Lake Niagara Wine

Wash it all down with… Widmer New York State Lake Niagara Wine. Cold Western New York winters produce sweet grapes for wine. Lake Niagara Wine is sweet, light, and especially refreshing during lazy summer days. Premier Wine & Spirits (7980 Transit Road, Williamsville) is the ideal spot to pick up this drinkable Buffalo souvenir.

Sponge Candy

And for dessert…Sponge Candy. Western New York isn’t the only location making the light, honeycomb center covered in chocolate (light, dark, and sometimes orange chocolate). But Buffalo’s low humidity and cool temperatures make it one of the few locations in the United States to make the indulgent sweet. Buffalo travelers can take home a bag of Western New York goodness but if returning to a high humidity area, the candy center will become dense and chewy. Travelers need to stop by Buffalo’s favorite, Watson’s Chocolates (9368 Transit Road, Amherst).

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