NoLIta - Mott Street

NYC NoLIta – Mott Street

Eat at Cafe Gitane and Kitchen Club, shop Calypso, and more

New York City’s North of Little Italy, or NoLIta, is a must-visit. Here’s a quick tour through Mott Street packed with upscale & trendy shops & expensive restaurants.

Practical info

NoLIta, is a trendy and upscale neighborhood next to NoHo, SoHo, Little Italy, and the Lower East Side. It is bordered by Houston Street, Bowery, Broome Street, and Lafayette Street. This neighborhood is relatively new; when gentrification of Manhattan began in the 1990s NoLIta was born and quickly filled with young wealthy professionals. It is a tenement building filled area with one-of-a-kind boutiques lining the streets. Walking through the neighborhood, you’ll see hipsters and designer-clothing clad trendsetters.

The three distinct streets that run the length of this smallish neighborhood are Mulberry, Mott, and Elizabeth. Even if you aren’t in the mood for spending outrageous sums on designer duds, it’s always fun to window shop.

Where is it?

Mott Street is the middle street of NoLIta, two blocks east of Lafayette, and two blocks west of Bowery. It actually starts at Bleeker, one street up from Houston, but this block isn’t considered on this tour.

This tour starts at Houston Street and ends at Kenmare Street.

Discover summer resort clothing boutique Calypso at 280 Mott. The refreshing wash of colors will make you think of the Caribbean.

Just across the street at 281 is Hedra Prue, for ultra-cool clothing that sets trends.

At 246 is a shoe store, Geraldine. This tiny space showcases beautiful and high-class styles from well-known designers.

At 242 Mott is French place Café Gitane, usually filled with wealthy hipster ex-pat Europeans.

On the corner of Mott and Prince is the Japanese-European fusion restaurant Kitchen Club at number 30 Prince St.

Cross over Prince St to French-style boutique Minnette at number 238. All items are authentically imported from France and you’ll feel like you stepped into the streets of Paris.

Also at 238 is Chibi’s Bar for those thirsty for Sake or Soju.

Continuing with the French theme, try Intent at 231. You can sample various Mediterranean inspired haute-cuisine.

Wine bar Vin Noir is at 228, perfect for a high-fashion glass of wine and beautiful-people watching.

At 227 is the Asian-y theme restaurant Rice. Order bowls of different types of rice and top it off with a selection of curries.

At number 217 you’ll find Resurrection. The upscale designer thrift-store is perfect for vintage classics.

For a quiet glass of wine, try Epistrophy at 200 Mott.

Continue onto Mulberry Street and Elizabeth Street


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