New York Nude Beaches

New York Nude Beaches

Nudist Beaches in NYC & New York State

Are you looking for a naked beach near New York? Everything undressed, but nowhere to go? Don’t worry about wasting your flawless skin; there are a few nude beaches close to Manhattan and additional nudist resorts upstate.

The desire to remove tan lines appears to be increasing. Although nude and topless beaches are not as common in New York as they are in most of Europe, where “camping” implies living naked for a few weeks, there are a number of spots in Manhattan where you may go to acquire a tan in those difficult to expose places.

Be warned: nudist beaches aren’t about flaunting your body, and if you come to gawk at the attractive individuals, you’re sure to learn a thing or two about gravity. That being said, topless and nude beaches in New York City are places to have fun just like any other beach, so get over your repressed body-image issues and, yeah, let it all hang out at these topless and nude beaches.

Jones Beach

Ocean Parkway, Massapequa, NY 11758

Jones Beach is a very popular beach close to New York City. Because it is almost equidistant from the main areas of Jones Beach and Tobay Beach further east, the nudist area is also known as Tobay Beach. Informally, the nudist beach is defined as the area between light poles numbered 248 to 260.

A decade ago, the nudist area was popular, and police ignored it despite the fact that nudity is not formally permitted. That shifted in 2000 when officials began a rigorous campaign against penalizing nudists. For a time, this reduced visitors and drove away most nudists, but nudity was not entirely banished, and the beach has made a comeback.

Police presence has become less frequent in recent years for unknown reasons (possibly understaffing). This is not to say that nudity is completely risk-free. If you encounter any form of the vehicle on the beach, you could still be fined (arrest is rare) and should suit up. However, the majority of visitors to this little stretch of beach are naked. The crowd here these days is almost entirely gay.

Cherry Grove Beach

Fire Island, NY 11980

Cherry Grove Beach is a clothing-optional sunbathing spot in Fire Island‘s Cherry Grove neighborhood. Cherry Grove is likely the country’s first and oldest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. While gay activities and couples predominate, heterosexual men and women are also welcome.

Kismet Beach

Ocean Beach, NY 11770

When approaching Kismet Beach, visitors are greeted by banners that warn them that nudity will be the norm from now on. Actually, it’s more like a mixture of both. There are several topless and fully naked people, but there are also lots of people in swimsuits, and no one is making a big deal about it all on this beach on Fire Island. If you’re tolerant of extra skin, Kismet Beach is a terrific option to get away from summer beachgoers.

New York Nudist Beaches

Lighthouse Beach

Parma, NY 14468

Lighthouse Beach, located west of Kismet Beach and east of the lighthouse, is one of the most popular nudist beaches in the New York City area. Lighthouse Beach, located over a mile from Kismet Beach but easily accessible by automobile, permits anyone to go topless or more without feeling out of place unless they wish to visit the lighthouse, in which case clothes are needed.

Parma, NY
Lighthouse Beach, Parma, NY; image via redfin

Gunnison Beach

Atlantic Dr, Highlands, NJ 07732

The most accessible beach, however, is Gunnison Beach in New Jersey, just a short boat trip from Manhattan’s glass and steel spires. Gunnison is one of the largest nudist beaches in America, with a community movement that governs beach etiquette, limits the use of cameras, and prohibits the use of glass containers. During the summer, around 5,000 naturists visit each weekend. Despite the fact that public nudity is banned in New Jersey, Gunnison is on federal land and so not subject to state regulations.

Juniper Woods

1226 Schoharie Tpke, Catskill, NY 12414

Juniper Woods in upstate New York is a family-friendly, fully nude lakeside resort that accommodates your need to fully disrobe if you’re looking for the type of full-immersion nude adventure that you just can’t have with one day at a nude beach. Natural beauty abounds here, from wooded rolling hills to open meadows ideal for sunbathing and resting. Set your mind and body free and immerse yourself in nature’s splendor.

The resort emphasizes respect for fellow campers, and sitting on your own blanket when naked, and is not one of those Caribbean resorts that sell all-inclusive packages that you would not tell your grandma about. It’s more like a summer camp, only you can’t take pictures of your pals without their permission.

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