Best Restaurants in Little Italy

Best Restaurants in Little Italy

Top Little Italy Restaurants in NYC

When you feel like having great Italian food, where do you go? Your best bet would be to trundle off to Little Italy in the lower East Side of Manhattan, which is bursting at its seams with Italian restaurants. From casual to formal, from cheap to reasonable to very expensive, and from quiet to boisterous, you will find all kinds of Italian restaurants here.

We’ve brought you our pick of good Italian restaurants in Little Italy, but don’t let that get in way of exploring this delightful little neighborhood and discovering heretofore undiscovered secrets.

Angelo’s of Mulberry Street

146 Mulberry St, between Grand and Hester Streets

Angelo’s of Mulberry Street is for those people who enjoy an old-school NYC Italian joint. This place is as old-school as it can get it has been around since 1902 and it offers that deadly combination of traditional décor and home-cooked fare. Try their grilled lamb chops with mushrooms or peppers or the rigatoni with vodka and tomato. You are sure to come back for more.

Da Nico

164 Mulberry St, between Grand & Broome St.

If you like being part of the hip scene and hobnobbing with the rich and famous, Da Nico is the place for you. You will bump into Wall Street professionals and sometimes movie stars as well but you will have to call in advance to make your reservations.

Il Cortile

125 Mulberry St.

Il Cortile is an Italian restaurant that has a Roman décor. Well, what do you care as long as the food is good? Which it is, except that the Chefs have taken a more creative approach to Italian cuisine. The results are impressive, and you get to sample dishes as veal scaloppine rolled with currants and veal sweetbreads.

Il Palazzo

151 Mulberry St.

Want to make an impression on your girlfriend? The romantic Il Palazzo ought to do the trick. The service is great, the staff is courteous, the ambiance is conducive to love talk, and the fare is cooked-to-order. This will be one date you are going to remember for a long, long time.


138 Mulberry St, between Hester & Grand St.

Pellegrino’s is one of the gems of Mulberry Street. The interiors are warm and cozy and the wait staff is amiable and attentive. The food is out of this world with dishes like linguine with arugula, sun-dried tomato, porcini, and cremini mushrooms or veal scaloppini with prosciutto and spinach. Leave some space for dessert since you don’t want to miss out on homemade tiramisu or Italian cheesecake.

Final Word

Little Italy is a great place for food lovers. From the traditional Italian dishes to the creative fusion flavors, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch spot or an upscale dining experience, Little Italy has what you need. The restaurants here offer delicious food that will leave your taste buds delighted and your stomach full. With its welcoming atmosphere and flavorful cuisine, Little Italy is definitely a top destination for foodies around the world.

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