Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Food Tour

Best of Brooklyn Food Walking Tour

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Food Tour is a great experience when visiting NYC. It combines seeing this famous icon and eating local foods in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is the jewel in this neighborhood, but I would add a few more sites to see while you’re here and make it a day trip. Walking tours are always fun,
but let’s add local foods to the trip and make it even better.

The following places are all must-see venues while in Lower Manhattan;

  • Century 21 – discount department store
  • Wall Street – where the NY Stock Exchange began
  • World Trade Center
  • City Hall Park – excellent resting stop across from Woolworth Building.

Important facts to know before heading over, it’s a little over 1 mile, so it usually takes about 30 minutes to reach Brooklyn. There are benches on the bridge, so you can stop and enjoy the view. The bridge is open 24 hours a day, and it’s very safe crossing at night.

What makes the walk so enjoyable, is the beautiful view of the East River with shipping vessels floating against the blue sky, making this location so serene compared to the crowds we left behind in Times Square.

Stopping midway is a great place to stop, take some photos, with the Statue of Liberty in the distance. And look back to Manhattan and see the skyline that poets have written about since its inception 130 years ago.

When you get to Brooklyn you’ll notice some very old buildings that were warehouses and factories last century and are now condo apartments, some going for as much as $20 million. Let’s head to the Fulton Ferry Landing, a historic spot where ferry boats connected the 2 boroughs before the bridge was built.

NY Pizza

By this time you must be famished, there are 2 great thin-crust pizzerias to visit, I usually pick the one with the shorter line, because both are equally delicious. Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s both have coal-fired ovens for that lovely smokey taste.


And save room for dessert, because on the Fulton Landing is an excellent ice cream maker, called simply the Ice Cream Factory. A sweet end to a lovely journey.

Food tours are a perfect way to walk around great neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, SoHo Little Italy, or the Brooklyn Bridge, and eat in iconic New York shops and restaurants. All tours visit famous landmarks and historic points of interest.

New York Food Tour Companies

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On our Secret Pizza Tours: NYC East Village, we eat our way through the charming, historic, and bohemian neighborhood of East Village located on the lower east side of Manhattan island.

Free Tours by Foot

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Each tour stops at 4-5 scrumptious food shops that serve up incredibly delicious and inexpensive food served in portions that can be easily divided and shared or singularly devoured. Our guides make recommendations and facilitate ordering, but you have the final say. You choose your own food and pay for it directly (usually between $7-$15). In between the food stops, you’ll have time to digest your food as well as the history of the neighborhood, as told to you by our entertaining and knowledgeable local New York tour guides.

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We take you to the downtown food trucks that the locals frequent so you can experience the real flavors, people, and culinary energy that you can only find in NYC!

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Tour the cozy corners of Nolita (the area North of Little Italy) where old-world charm meets a cool downtown vibe. Taste mouthwatering eats from undiscovered spots that specialize in century-old recipes. Devour a divine slice of brick oven pizza and a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake from a 1950’s style bakery owned by four Italian brothers.

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