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Children’s Museum of Manhattan

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, also known as CMOM, presents visitors of all ages with a unique experience to explore themselves and the world through a number of fascinating exhibitions and programs. One of the main priorities of CMOM is to ensure that everyone who wants to benefit from the museum and its activities can do so, no matter what their social situation.

Over 325,000 visit CMOM each year to enjoy its celebration of cultural diversity and its way of looking at our world in a slightly different manner than usual.

Exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan boasts a number of unique exhibitions that allow visitors to explore their surroundings in a safe and child-friendly way. The museum offers both permanent exhibitions, as well as temporary ones to keep a visit to the location interesting at all times.

Children's Museumof Manhattan exhibits
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A superb hands-on exhibition aimed at the birth to four-year-old age range allows young visitors to enjoy a wide number of experiences to enrich their lives. The aim of the exhibition is to allow visiting children to strengthen their skills and behaviors to prepare them for kindergarten and the wider world. Some of the fun things offered by PlayWorks include feeding letters to a talking dragon, connecting an air tube puzzle, painting on a huge wall, and driving a fire truck.

Little West Side

This exhibition, also targeting four-year-olds and under, allows children to develop their mathematical and literacy skills through a number of hands-on experiences. This is where kids can develop their color skills by ‘purchasing’ goods at the grocery store, learn to tell the time by moving their hands on the clock tower, and enjoy a wide range of books.

City Splash

A permanent exhibition for all ages, where everyone discovers the amazing powers of water. City Splash provides the perfect aquatic experience to visitors, allowing them to paint with water, race boats down a stream, and explore dimensions such as buoyancy, currents, and energy. This exhibition runs every Tuesday to Sunday afternoon, weather permitting.

Temporary Exhibits

CMOM regularly runs temporary exhibitions at an ever-changing pace, according to current trends and interests.

Visiting Children’s Museum of Manhattan

From its humble beginnings in a storefront in 1973, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan has grown into a multifaceted learning institution, spread over 38,000 square feet. The museum puts just as much emphasis on its outreach programs to 50 locations in the city, as on its permanent location, and thus manages to attract visitors from every sector of society – from international tourists to at-risk families. The CMOM is definitely a place worth experiencing on a visit to New York.

Location: In The Tisch Building at West 83rd Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue), New York, NY

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