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El Museo del Barrio New York

Located in Manhattan, El Museo del Barrio New York is a museum that celebrates Caribbean and Latin American culture. The attraction’s permanent collection includes Pre-Columbian artifacts and modern artwork from dozens of countries in the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to having galleries, this venue hosts various festivals and events that promote Hispanic culture in New York City and the United States.

Galleries and Exhibits

The permanent collection at El Museo del Barrio New York consists of more than 6,500 artifacts from various regions of the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Puerto Rico’s culture has a dominant influence on the venue’s growing collection.

Exhibits El Museo del Barrio NYC
El Museo del Barrio permanent collection; images via

For example, more than 450 artifacts are related to the Taino, an indigenous group in Puerto Rico and other neighboring islands in the Antilles. These Pre-Columbian items primarily include ceramics, stonework, and other handmade productions with artistic value.

The Graphics Gallery at El Museo del Barrio New York includes more than 4,000 pieces that focus on the visual arts in the Americas. Posters and other printed materials are presented in this permanent exhibit that sheds light on modern politics and culture influencing Hispanics. The Graphics Gallery also includes Mexican and Chicano works that focus on social issues and pop culture.

The Modern and Contemporary Gallery at the museum consists of multimedia presentations that focus on Hispanic culture from the early 20th century until today. More than 1,000 items have post-war classification because they were produced after World War II. A large portion of the museum’s collection includes artwork by Puerto Rican and Hispanic artists in New York City and other major urban areas in the United States.

Popular Traditions is another permanent gallery at this attraction. Folk art from Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean is presented in chronological methods. Colorful masks, costumes, and other accessories for rituals are included in the Popular Traditions exhibit. Sculptures and artifacts with Catholic themes highlight the strong religious beliefs of Hispanics in various regions of the Caribbean and the Americas.

Located inside El Museo del Barrio New York, the Side Park Cafe invites visitors to tastings of traditional Mexican cuisine. Guacamole, tortilla soup, and queso are listed on the cafe’s appetizer menu. You can order hearty enchiladas and quesadillas for your main course. Pork, chicken and shrimp are some of the options that are available for the cafe’s tacos and fajitas. Depending on the month and special events held at the museum, new delicious items are added to the lunch and dinner menus as part of cultural celebrations.

Visiting El Museo del Barrio New York

El Museo del Barrio New York occupies a premier block on the corner of historic 5th Avenue and 104th Street. This cultural venue is part of the Museum Mile, Upper East Side, and El Barrio districts of Manhattan. The museum is also situated just steps away from the scenic Central Park, the largest and most visited green space in New York City. Some MTA bus routes that stop near the museum include M1, M2, M3, and M4. Taxis and other private vehicles for hire should drop off or wait for passengers on 104th and 105th streets. Parking in this busy part of Manhattan is limited, so it’s best to use public transit. Served by the 4 and 6 lines of the NYC Subway, the 103rd Street and 110th Street stations are located just a few blocks away from the museum. Both busy routes stop at various points in Midtown and Lower Manhattan.

Location: 1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street in East Harlem, New York, NY, 10029

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