The Adirondacks

Explore the Adirondacks Region of New York

Adirondack Region – New York

This area of 6 million acres is owned by both the public and private people.  2,6 million acres are owned by the state, the rest is privately owned.  The park was created in 1892 by the State of New York.  In the region, there are 105 towns and villages which allow for visitors to have someplace to stay while exploring this beautiful area.

Adirondack Park

In the Park area, there is the Lake Tear of the Clouds which is the source of the Hudson River.  The work of a man by the name of Verplanck Colvin was responsible for establishing the park to guarantee the area would be maintained for future generations to enjoy.  Larger than several states in New England, bigger even than Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, and the Great Smokies National Parks combined – the Adirondack Park contains the largest protected wilderness area east of the Mississippi.

Seven distinct geographical regions are located within the Adirondacks:

  1. Adirondack Wild
  2. Lake George Region
  3. Adirondack Coast
  4. Adirondack Lakes Region
  5. Lake Placid Region
  6. Adirondacks-Tughill
  7. Adirondack Seaway

Rivers & Streams

There are 3,000 lakes and ponds and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams in Adirondack Park.  There are waterfalls for you to enjoy along with the opportunity to truly enjoy canoeing and kayaking.  You will see the mountains that are divided into different names such as those 46 tallest that are called the High Peaks.  Mount Marcy is the highest point in the entire state of New York, towering 5,343 feet above the High Peaks Wilderness Area.

If you are a hiker you will truly want to try the over 2,000 miles of complex and beautiful New York Hiking Trails where you can find a hike for every skill level.  If you are a ski fan you can try the alpine and cross-country ski centers that will test your ability.

There are also handicap-accessible trails so those with disabilities of all sorts can get out and enjoy the wilderness.

Adirondack Park

The land in Adirondack Park is included in the New York State Constitution stating that the area is kept “Forever Wild”.  Unless a special amendment is made for a development project, state Forest Preserve lands cannot be bought, sold, or transferred.  What a great way to assure future generations the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as it should be.

The Adirondacks are the perfect place for a Spring or Summer vacation. Warm days, cool nights, and beautiful vistas are just a few of the things this region has to offer. You will also find:

  • Wild Adirondack waterways perfect for canoeing and kayaking
  • Towering peaks ripe for hiking adventures
  • Challenging Adirondack golf courses
  • Cliffs and rocks to test your rock climbing abilities
  • Beautiful scenic roads perfect for Adirondack motorcycling
  • Lakes to spend your days swimming or boating in
  • And plenty of rivers to fish in

Adirondack Scenic Byways

Adirondack birding opportunities abound and seasonal festivals offer a chance for birders to gather and walk the woods in search of boreal birds. Bike along Adirondack Scenic Byways or experience the thrill of whitewater rafting down the Hudson River. Golf along cedar-lined fairways or simply enjoy a stroll along an Adirondack hiking trail.

Recapture the joy of snow days, grab your sled, and head for the nearest hills. Explore the region’s vast six-million-acres on cross-country skis or simply enjoy an afternoon snowshoeing in the Adirondacks.

Outdoor recreation opportunities in the Adirondacks:

Mirror Lake Toboggan Chute

Experience the incredible thrill of the Mirror Lake Toboggan Chute. Unique to Lake Placid, the Chute is actually an antique ski jump that has been reincarnated – offering one of the most exhilarating rides in Lake Placid.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing in the Adirondacks is one of the park’s most anticipated winter sports. Participate in trophy Adirondack fishing competitions on Lake Champlain, or cast a line into the frozen depths of lakes and rivers for northern pike, perch, crappie, lake trout, salmon, walleye, and smelt – swimming just under the surface.

Ice climbing

Get creative and find a new line on ice-floes and walls throughout the Adirondacks. Ice climbing may seem like an extreme sport, but with a little practice and a good instructor, the ice walls of the Adirondack Peaks become a playground filled with possibilities. Licensed Adirondack ice-climbing guides offer instruction, equipment rentals, and insight into the best routes, as well as where to find them.

Main Streets

Stroll along scenic Main Streets decorated for the season, or enjoy an outdoor bonfire after a friendly game of broom hockey. Whatever you do when you visit us this winter, enjoy it in true Adirondack style!

You might want to start your adventure in Lake Placid, NY.  You might even get to see some of the areas where the Olympics were held in 1980.

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