Babysitter in NYC

How to Find a Reliable Babysitter in New York City

Let’s be honest – not all New York City tourist attractions are kid-friendly. Sometimes, you just need to drop the kids off at a sitter in order to enjoy some grown-up time. Luckily, New York City babysitters and nannies are relatively easy to come by.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Just because you need an escape from your children, doesn’t make you a bad parent. It’s perfectly normal to want to spend some quality time alone with other adults during your Manhattan car rental getaway. That’s why it always pays to find an affordable sitter before hitting the road. Finding a safe and reasonably priced nanny in a strange land is perfectly doable, it just takes a little creative thinking.

Babysitting Services

Hourly rates for babysitting in the City depends on who you contact. Babysitting services can range from $14 to $13 an hour. Add onto that a transportation stipend of about $15, and you’re looking at quite the costly night out! Most services also have a 3-4 hour minimum booking requirement and the cancellation policies can be quite tight. The nice thing about babysitting services is the safety. These services have stringent hiring requirements and perform strict background checks. Manhattan car rental travelers are encouraged to contact the following babysitting services for more details:

  • The Baby Sitters’ Guild
    In business since 1940, the Baby Sitters’ Guild are the go-to nanny service for many high-end New York hotel concierges. Their sitters can stay at the hotel with your child or can plan an excursion. International travelers will appreciate that the Guild offers sitters who speak more than 16 different languages. Manhattan car rental travelers can call 212-682-0227 for more information.
  • Bag of Tricks Babysitting from NY City Explorers
    Based out of Brooklyn, Bag of Tricks provides sitters anywhere in New York City. Manhattan car rental travelers are encouraged to book their services in advance in order to receive a discounted price. For more information call 718-809-6486.
  • Sensible Sitters
    If you’re looking for an all-inclusive babysitting package, look no further than Sensible Sitters. Based in Manhattan, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, and Palm Beach, Sensible Sitters can provide a nanny that travels with your family and/or provide around-the-clock assistance. Manhattan car rental travelers can contact Sensible Sitters directly at 646-485-5121 for more information.
    This website is the Mac-daddy of all nanny websites. For $9.99 a month, it allows Manhattan car rental travelers to search for everything from babysitters to pet nannies (yes, those do exist). Narrow down your search using the useful filtering tool. Prefer a nonsmoker with five years of experience, who’s will to work for less than $10 an hour? This website will help you narrow down your options.

Other Options

If sitter services aren’t your cup of team, consider asking around at an area college. The Barnard Babysitting Agency, a service of Barnard College, offers parents a place to post babysitting jobs for undergraduate students to find. The minimum hourly wage is $7.50, but most parents pay more. It’s important to note that the agency doesn’t train or vet sitters, so the experience can vary dramatically. It is the responsibility of parents to check the references of the applicant and interview potential sitters. Interns are another option to consider. If you’re required to work during your family vacation, it might not hurt to ask your company for help finding a suitable sitter. Interns at companies are always looking for a little extra cash.

Community Groups

Churches, synagogues, mosques, Mormon temples, sikh gurdwaras – New York City has no shortage of religious centers. Many of these organizations can help out in a pinch, so don’t be afraid to stop by in your Manhattan car rental. For the non-religious types, check out community centers, the local YMCA, or social clubs. You can also try your luck searching out parent support groups online. A great place to start is The key is reaching out to people and asking for advice. New Yorker’s are quite friendly – if they can help, they likely will!

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