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What Happens When Your Vehicle is Towed in New York City?

Staring at an empty parking space will not bring your car back. Don’t even bother looking elsewhere, you didn’t park in a different spot. Your Manhattan rental car has been towed.

Get ready to pay up!

New York residents often remark that all of NYC is a tow-away zone, and let’s be honest – they’re telling the truth. In NYC, your Manhattan rental car can be towed at any time a parking ticket is issued. The following is a rundown on the towing process here in NYC, how to find your towed vehicle, how to pay your ticket, and where to go to pick up your vehicle. Keep this information handy – the only thing worse than being towed is being towed in a strange city without the faintest clue as to how to retrieve your vehicle.

Your First Offense

If you receive a parking ticket and have no unpaid tickets in the system, you’ll be handed a “violation tow.” Manhattan rental cars that are served this summons are towed by the New York City Police Department and taken to one of the city’s impounds lots in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens. Not sure which lot your Manhattan rental car will end up in? Then check out the NYC Serv website for assistance. You’ll need information printed on your parking ticket in order to access the system and find your vehicle. You can also dial 311 for assistance locating your towed vehicle. If you’re outside of the City, call 212-NEW-YORK.

Repeat Offender

If you receive a parking ticket and owe more than $101 in outstanding parking fines, you’re in for an annoying afternoon. Before you can pick up your Manhattan car rental, you’ll need to visit the Department of Finance Business Center where you will be required to pay your parking ticket judgments. Once your payment has been processed, you’ll need to fill out a Vehicle Release Form before making your way to the impound lot to pick up your car.

Parking Bandit

If you have more than $350 in unpaid NYC parking tickets, any vehicle registered in your name is an open game for the NYPD. Known as a “tow by the Sheriff,” this punishment can take place at any time, anywhere in New York City. After your vehicle is towed, the Sheriff will begin the process of preparing your vehicle for auction after 72 hours. This means you have just 3 days to pay for and pick up your towed vehicle and submit a request for a “Sale Hold” at the Finance Business Center.

If that wasn’t bad enough, your car could also be scooped by the City Marshall as part of a judgment tow. The conditions are the same as a tow by a sheriff, the only difference is you’ll need to collect your vehicle at the Marshall’s office.

What To Do When Your Manhattan Car is Towed

If your rental is towed make sure you contact Action Car Rental immediately. We’ll need to provide the original vehicle registration or vehicle title form in order to release the vehicle. You’ll also need a valid driver’s license, valid insurance card, a completed Vehicle Release Form, and an accepted method of payment.

Towing Rates

If getting a parking ticket isn’t bad enough, towed vehicles are also hit with a removal fee. This tow fee is normally $185 for parking violations. If your Manhattan car rental is towed for blocking a driveway, the maximum fee is $125 plus tax and $15 per day storage fee after three days.

Getting a parking ticket stinks, but when you’re in the City, it’s almost unavoidable. The best thing you can do is prepare for the worst!

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