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Haunted Doyers Street “The Bloody Angle”- Murder & Ghosts in Chinatown NYC

Doyers Street in New York City is a historic thoroughfare that has been a part of the city’s history and culture for generations. This street, located in Chinatown, has seen its fair share of change over the years, including an influx of new immigrants to the area. It was once known as “The Bloody Angle” due to its violent history during the 19th century. However, today it is home to some of NYC’s most beloved restaurants and shops, making it a vital part of New York City life.

Doyers Street is a small (approximately 200 feet) street that connects Pell Street and Chatham Square in New York City’s Chinatown. The sharp 90-degree angle in the middle of it is a novelty amongst the mainly linear streets of Manhattan.

One can walk down Doyers Street and be taken back in time with its traditional Chinese-style buildings and street signs in both English and Chinese characters. The street meanders through Chinatown with unique stores selling everything from souvenirs to traditional medicine at modernized versions of ancient apothecaries. View Doyers Street on a larger map.

Haunted Doyers Street

Doyers Street in New York City has long been known for its haunting tales of the supernatural. It’s a street that has seen more than its fair share of tragedy, including gang murders and suicides, making it one of the most haunted places in the city.

The street is home to several well-known ghosts, including a woman who is said to have committed suicide after learning of her lover’s death during a Tong Gang War. Locals claim they’ve seen her walking around late at night dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and wailing with grief. There are also reports of an old man whose ghostly presence can be felt when people walk past a certain building on Doyers Street around midnight.

According to legend, it was constructed that way in order to protect the inhabitants of Chinatown from forward flying spirits who would be disoriented by the sudden, abrupt curve.

Doyers Street
Above: View of Doyers Street from the Perth Street Entrance. Once the site of major crime scenes, Doyers Street is now lined with cheap hair salons.

Adding to the street’s allure is the fact that it was once the location of the most murders per square foot in all of New York City.

Referred to as the Bloody Angle, criminals would commit their crimes and then allegedly escape into a series of hidden tunnels burrowed beneath the haunted Chinatown streets.

Doyers Street
Above: A shot of Doyers Street from the Chatham Square entrance. The Post Office to the right was once a distillery operated by Hendrik Doyer, a Dutch immigrant from whom the street is named.

Sites of historic importance here include the Nom Wah Tea Parlor at 13 Doyers Street which has been in operation since 1927, and 5-7 Doyers Street, now Coco Fashion, which was once the home of the only Chinese language Theatre in the US.

In 1905 a gang shooting at this theater claimed the lives of three people, while approximately 400 more looked on.

For a glimpse of Doyers’ Street underground past, head to Apotheke at 9 Doyers Street.

Hidden behind the unassuming “Gold Flower Restaurant” sign you’ll find this covert cocktail lounge; a former opium den that pays homage to Doyers Street’s illicit past.

Inside, bartenders dressed as turn-of-the-century pharmacists prepare “prescription” drinks to cure whatever ails you.

Sit back, sip some absinthe and unwind – but not for too long; there’s more to see in Chinatown.

Final Word

Doyers Street NYC is an iconic site that has been a part of the city’s history for over 100 years. It has seen different eras, businesses, and cultural scenes come and go. This street is unique in its potential to provide visitors with great food, shopping, and entertainment. It offers something for everyone from locals to tourists alike. It is also a symbol of resilience and change in New York City’s ever-evolving landscape.

The stories of Doyers Street’s haunting are both fascinating and frightening. From the ghostly singing emanating from an empty street corner to the mysterious Chinese mobsters who loom over the area, it’s no surprise that so many people find themselves captivated by the chilling tales. The events that have transpired throughout the years have left a lasting impression on those courageous enough to explore its secrets.

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