NYC Street Parking Meter

How to use NYC Street Parking Meter, Credit Cards, & Parking Card

You have made it to New York and you purchased your Manhattan discount car rental. But now something scarier is staring you in the face: The Parking Meter. It’s got all the bells and whistles and you’re not sure what to put where. In addition, it supports a variety of different payment methods for your convenience (ever parked at a meter only to realize you had no change?). In fact, the new parking meters are now accepting credit cards in over 500 muni-meters in the midtown Theatre District. Go ahead – park your Manhattan discount car rental without the stress. We’ll show you how.

Paying by Credit Card? Priceless

In the Theatre District, some meters are accepting credit card. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card – just look for the credit card logo on meters in this area for acceptance. For those who have a pocketful of change to get rid of and nowhere else to park your Manhattan discount car rental, don’t lose your head. These meters still accept change.

How to pay by credit card:

  1. Insert your card
  2. Purchase desired amount of time by pressing the blue button
  3. Press the green button to begin authorization. If the transaction is approved, a receipt will be generated. If it is not approved, the meter will display “transaction denied” and you should call your credit card company to find out why.
  4. Place the receipt on the drivers’ side of the dashboard so that it displays the entire receipt.

Keep in mind that there is no need to use excessive force to push your card into the meter. The card reader will pull the card into meter itself. If your card gets stuck or does not come out on its own, use the red “cancel” knob to eject the card. If it still does not eject, call 311 to report the problem. It is advised that you immediately cancel the card as well. Your card will be destroyed upon retrieval.

How to Pay with the Muni-Meters

  1. Insert the card. The display will show your card balance.
  2. Press the blue button to buy time. The display will show how much money is used and the clock will show the expiration time.
  3. Once you have made your purchase, press the green button and take the receipt.

Just so you know, until you press the green button, the transaction can be cancelled at any time by turning the red knob. So if this isn’t the right spot for your Manhattan discount car rental, you can still back out and find a better space.

Park-N-Go with Pay-N-Display

Metered parking with your Manhattan discount car rental is easy with the Pay-N-Display feature. Simply insert coins or your parking card to purchase time, press the green button and take the receipt. Display receipt on the dashboard.

Pay and Retain

Pay and retain options are found mostly in off-street parking facilities. Pay and retain is where you park your Manhattan discount car rental in a metered space and take the receipt with you instead of displaying it on the dashboard. Here’s how to use the pay and retain option:

  1. Enter parking space number
  2. Insert coins or card to purchase time (if you insert your card, press the blue button to purchase time units)
  3. Press the green button to end purchase and take receipt.

Single-Space Meters

How to use a parking card in single space meters:

  1. Insert your card with the gold chip on the card facing the chip emblem on the meter. The meter will display your card balance.
  2. Meter will automatically start adding time in increments as posted on the rate plate.
  3. Remove your card when desired time is purchased.

Combined Payment

If your parking card’s remaining value is lower than what is needed to park, then process the card fully, then insert the amount of coin you need.

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