Tailgating NYC

Tailgating Terror: Why You Should Always Leave Space Around Your Rental

Tailgating is the practice of driving too closely behind the car in front of you when you are here with your NYC airport car rentals. This is dangerous because it means there is a chance you will not be able to stop in the event of an emergency, which may lead to a collision. About one in three rear-end collisions involve tailgating. In many areas, this is illegal and may be punishable by fine.

Why do people tailgate?

People tailgate for many reasons. When you are here with your NYC airport car rentals it is important to know why people do it so you can avoid it. In some cases, people tailgate because they don’t realize the risk of doing so. These drivers usually consider them self safe drivers and generally observe other rules of the road. They may not realize they are following too closely. In its worst form, tailgating is a form of road rage and intimidation. The tailgater may follow too closely to push you into another lane so they can get by. You may not want to comply because it would be illegal to do so. In some cases, you may move in front of another driver, but without enough clearance. The person behind you would be tailgating because you cut them off with your NYC airport car rentals.

How to handle tailgaters

If you happen to find yourself tailgating someone with your NYC airport car rentals, you should back off the other person. However, if you are being tailgated, it can be scary. It is important that you not panic in this situation. You don’t want to lose control of your NYC airport car rentals. You need to focus on the situation and not your radio or other people in the car. It is important to know the local laws. In most jurisdictions, the person who is hit from behind is not at fault, so the tailgater will try to avoid an accident. They probably want to intimidate you. If you can, pull over or into the right lane to allow the person to pass you. This is the best way to get rid of a tailgater. Usually they are in a hurry and don’t intend to cause trouble. Don’t try to speed up so they can’t pass ñ this will only upset them.

Be predictable

If you find yourself in a situation with a tailgater when you are here with your NYC airport car rentals, maintain a constant speed. This allows the person behind you to predict what you will do and pass when it is safe to do so. Speeding up and slowing down can cause confusion and anger. You can always use the cruise control to maintain your speed. You don’t want to be the source of the problem ñ you want to get out of the situation. You can also try to communicate with the tailgater. If you put on your hazard lights, it lets the other driver know that you are having technical difficulties.

What if you can’t get rid of them?

If you just can’t get rid of a tailgater in traffic, try to drive a safe distance behind a truck with your NYC airport car rentals. Drivers will want to get around the truck as soon as possible and will move over before they’re tailgating. And if you can’t get away from them, be prepared for annoying behaviour. They may turn on their high beams, so you can flip the rear view mirror to night time vision to help with the light. Don’t panic and get your passengers panicked as well. You may also try tapping your brakes so that the lights come on, but not so hard that you actually slow down. This is a signal to back off, but if you brake too hard, you may cause an accident.

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