New York City Tips

New York City Safety Tips

New York City has a bit of a bad reputation. A lot of this has to do with the city’s portrayal in the media or on television. Shows like NYPD Blue and Law & Order showcase the seedier side of urban life, highlighting dangerous situations and criminal activity. But what most travelers in Manhattan car rentals don’t know is that NYC ranks in the top ten safest big cities in the United States. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should drop your guard completely. Travelers in Manhattan car rentals should be aware that many swindlers and pickpockets are skilled at identifying and targeting “out of towners.” A little common sense can go a long way to keeping you safe during your Big Apple trip.

Simple Safety Tips for Travelers in Manhattan Car Rentals

The following are a few simple safety trips to keep in mind while visiting the City That Never Sleeps.

1) Avoid looking like a tourist. New York City is so diverse that it’s easy to blend in as long as you avoid some obviously tourist behavior. Don’t stand on the street corner openly consulting your map – thieves will pick up on your vulnerability immediately. Instead, plan your route in advance and walk with confidence. If you need to stop and consult your map, pop into a cafe. It’s ok to carry a camera around – lots of New Yorkers love to take pictures. Just don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk in order to take a picture. If you need to snap a shot, stand to the side so pedestrians don’t have to look out for you.

2) Know your surroundings. Most of the popular tourists areas in the city are well populated and safe to visit during the daytime. Even areas like Harlem and Alphabet City are safe for walking. With that being said, travelers in Manhattan car rentals should avoid areas that make them uncomfortable.

3) Be careful in crowded areas. Times Square, the subway, Macy’s – these are all high traffic areas, especially now that the Christmas rush has begun. If you find yourself in a crowded space, keep a close eye on your wallet. Men should place it in a front pocket and women should seep their purse closed and held in front.

4) Don’t flaunt expensive belongings. If you need to access an ATM, use caution. Don’t carry a ton of cash with you, and try to keep your jewelry reasonable. If you need to look for something in your wallet or purse, duck into a store.

What To Do in an Emergency

Crimes are bound to happen, especially in a city of more than 8 million people. Should you find yourself a victim of a crime, contact a police officer. For an immediate emergency call 911. Otherwise, dial 311. This service is free from any pay phone and will connect you to an officer who will be able to take a report. Calls to this number are always answered by a live operator. Travelers in Manhattan car rentals can also reach emergency medical services by calling 718-999-2770.

Beware of Gypsy Cabs

If you decide to take a cab during your visit to the City, make sure it’s from a legitimate taxi company. The outer boroughs are flooded with unmarked cars looking for unsuspecting passengers. Known as “Gypsy Cabs,” these vehicles are rarely insured and definitely non-licensed. If on approaches you, don’t accept.

Quick Driving Safety Tips

If this is your first time driving in the City, remember, never, ever turn right on a red light. It’s also crucial that you keep an eye out for pedestrians at all times. Travelers in Manhattan car rentals are always complaining of jaywalkers.

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