Sweets in New York City

Sweets in the City

There are some places in the world where I just have to convince myself that calories don’t count— New York City definitely falls into that category. One of my favorite things to do after I touch down in the big apple is satisfy my sweet tooth, so I wanted to share my top places to get the job done. I’m not declaring these are the *best in the city* or anything like that. But trust me, you will not be disappointed if you choose to treat yourself at one of these spots.

1. Ladurée

With two beautifully decorated boutiques in Soho and the Upper East Side, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get your macaron fix in the city. I’ll be honest– it’s on the pricey side. However, a trip to a world famous Ladurée is an experience. The pastel color scheme of the shop instantly puts a smile on my face, the packaging is adorable (and photogenic!), and the traditional french-flavored fluffy cookies make me feel as though I’m eating a cloud.

Ladurée image

2. Grom

After spending six weeks in Italy, I’d yet to find gelato that even compared to what I experienced overseas. Grom ended my search. The chain originated in Italy and is world famous for its high-quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives or coloring. I ordered a pistachio and nocciola cone at the Broadway location and was in gelato heaven.

3. Magnolia Bakery

Two words: banana pudding. I’ve heard the cupcakes are mouth-watering as well, but I just can’t pass up a cup of this perfect concoction. Visit the Bloomingdale’s location if you need another excuse to go shopping.

4. Levain Bakery

Think you’ve tried the most delicious cookies in the world? Think again. The massive— and extremely gooey—six-ounce chocolate chip walnut and dark chocolate chocolate chip flavors are truly magical. The line usually stretches down the entire block, but it moves pretty quickly and I can assure you it’s worth it!

5. Dough

I try not to start the day off by eating sugary treats, but Dough is where I’ll make an exception. The doughnuts are extremely light and fluffy, making them easy to scarf down despite their massive size. The Dulce de Leche is incredible, but even simple flavors like the traditional glazed are to die for. The only downside of indulging at Dough is that you’ll never look at other doughnuts the same way again. Dunkin who?!

Dough doughnuts image

What’s your favorite place grab sweets in the city?

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