West Village - Bedford St

NYC West Village – Bedford St

Visit ‘ino, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Do Hwa & more

New York City’s Greenwich Village is a must-visit. Here’s a quick tour through Bedford Street packed with delicious restaurants, bars, and history.

Practical Info

Greenwich Village, also known as the West Village, is the popular and quaint area between 14th and Houston Streets, separated from the East Village by 5th Avenue. The West Village keeps its neighborhood feeling with beautiful old townhomes and tree-lined streets. And because it is also a historic district, building heights are restricted and protected by law. But because of the historic designation, it retains original crisscrossing streets that can be confusing. One of the nicest of these diagonal running streets is Bedford. A visit to the West Village should definitely include a quick stroll down this quaint and historic street.

Where is it?

Bedford Street is just off the crossroads of Houston St. and Sixth Ave and ends at Christopher St. It can be walked down either from Christopher or beginning at Sixth Ave.

This tour starts at Sixth Ave. and ends at Christopher St.

On the right, just up from the beginning of Bedford street, is the small wine bar named ‘ino It’s a great place for a quick panini and glass of delicious wine. Look for the yellow door at 21 Bedford.

On the corner of Bedford and Downing St. is Ditch Plains. This so-called fish shack is a more upscale and sophisticated version that is a great place to satisfy a seafood craving.

Across Downing St. is the popular Blue Ribbon Bakery. They serve delicious American fare. Its entrance is on Downing St. but it shares a corner with Bedford. The address is 35 Downing.

The next cross street is Carmine and there is a very good Korean restaurant named Do Hwa. The address is 55 Carmine and shouldn’t be missed.

Between Carmine and Leroy streets is the neighborhood bar Daddy-O at 44 Bedford. Great burgers and drinks can be found at this relaxing non-touristy place.

Across 7th Ave is the popular Greek place Snack Taverna.

Between Morton and Commerce Streets at 75 1/5 Bedford is the historic townhome of Edna St. Vincent Millais. There’s a plaque on the front so you’ll know which one it is. It also has the distinction of being very skinny; the width is only a little over nine feet.

Infamous speakeasy bar Chumley’s is just past Barrow St. at 86 Bedford. The door is unmarked and there is a hidden entrance on Barrow. Once you find the bar its false staircase will make you feel like you’re walking into a basement even though you’re still on the ground floor. The authentic atmosphere includes sawdust on the floors and an assortment of brews to choose from.

Up to one more cross street to Grove and there is the lovely Mediterranean restaurant The Little Owl at 90 Bedford. This building was also used as the exterior of the Friends sitcom apartment

There is also an old wooden carriage house on this corner that is fun to look at.

The next street up is Christopher and Bedford ends.

Continue onto Greenwich Avenue, West 4th Street, and Bleeker Street

Getting there

Take the 1 train to Houston St. Walk one block west on Houston, take a right onto Bedford.


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