West Village - W 4th St

NYC West Village – W 4th St

Eat Corner Bistro burgers, stargaze at Beatrice Inn & more

New York City’s Greenwich Village is a must-visit. Here’s a quick tour through West 4th Street packed with delicious restaurants, bars, and history.

Practical Info

Greenwich Village, also known as the West Village, is the popular and quaint area between 14th and Houston Streets, separated from the East Village by 5th Avenue. The West Village keeps its neighborhood feeling with beautiful old townhomes and tree-lined streets. And because it is also a historic district, building heights are restricted and protected by law.

But because of the historic designation it also retains original crisscrossing streets that can be confusing. One of the nicest of these diagonal running streets is West 4th St. A visit to the West Village should definitely include a quick stroll down this quaint and historic street.

Where is it?

West 4th Street, runs diagonal starting at Sixth Avenue and Cornelia St, cross over Seventh Avenue, and ends at Eighth Avenue and W 13th St.

This tour starts at 6th Ave and Cornelia St and ends at Eight Avenue

At 164 W 4th is the Greek diner Karavas Place, there is also a downstairs bar.

Just up the street at number 168 is Bagel Restaurant. Bob Dylan lived across the street at 161 and would often eat here.

Also across the street at 171 W 4th is Mary’s Dairy, get your ice cream fix here.

Next door are some historic homes at number 175-179.

And next door to these at 181 W 4th is the sushi restaurant Aki, distinctive for its Caribbean influence.

Cross over W 4th again to number 184 ¾ and visit the tiny jewelry store Silversmith.

West 4th is named Sheridan Square between Barrow St to Seventh Ave, but will still be referenced as W 4th.

A lot of off-Broadway theater companies were in numbers 1 and 3 Sheridan Square buildings at the corners of W 4th and Barrow.

Just up the street at the corner of Grove Street is the long-standing gay bar The Monster at number 80 Grove.

Cross over Seventh Ave and try pan-asian cuisine at Chow Bar, number 230 W 4th.

Across the street at number 228 is low-key but chic Absolutely 4th bar, try their famous martinis.

Just across is the Spanish restaurant Sevilla at the corner of Charles St.

Up and across Charles and Perry Sts is the Italian restaurant Osteria del Sole at number 267.

Tartine a french bistro with outdoor seating is just across on the corner of W 11th st.

Cross over Bank St and visit Bookleaves bookstore at 304 W 4th St.

On the corner of W 12th and W 4th is the new celebrity hangout Beatrice Inn. It’s hard to get into the numerous private parties but maybe you’ll spot someone famous

Cross over W 4th to the east side and you’ll see Corner Bistro at 331 W 4th. The bistro is one of the original and famous diners of the village. Grab a cheap but tasty burger and draft beer at this low-key place.

Cross over Jane Street and you reach Eighth Avenue, and here is the boutique coffee shop and bakery Chocolate Bar at 38 Eighth Ave. Grab a well-deserved treat and relax watching people out the windows.

You are now at Eighth Ave and W 4th pretty much ends here. You can continue walking to the official end of W 4th across Eighth Ave to 13th St.

Continue onto Bleeker Street, Greenwich Avenue and Bedford Street

Getting there

Take the subway lines A/C/E or B/D/F/V to W 4th St. stop, exit the southwest exit onto 3rd St and 6th Ave, walk one block up, and turn left onto W 4th

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