Williamsburg Art Historical Center

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

Located in Brooklyn, NYC, the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center is a cultural center with an interdisciplinary character. This venue hosts modern art exhibits, lectures, entertainment, and other special events throughout the year. The center is housed in the Kings County Savings Bank Building, which is an architectural landmark with a stunning French Second Empire facade. Click to book your From Grit to Hip, a Williamsburg walking tour.

Exhibits and Events

The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center hosts temporary art exhibits throughout the year. Some exhibits include high-resolution images that have been taken by local and foreign photographers. Sketches, etchings, drawings, and other similar works of art are often on display in the galleries. Canvas paintings and abstract sculptures are frequently incorporated into the rotating exhibits at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center.

Most of the artwork falls into various subcategories of modernism. Multimedia presentations on nature and animals are occasionally shown at the art galleries. Some of the short films and slideshows shed light on important social, economic, and political topics.

The special events at this cultural center include dances, music concerts, lectures, seminars, and other shows that celebrate diversity on a global scale. From Middle Eastern belly dancers to Oriental gurus, the line-up includes fascinating guests from all over the world. Authors, professors, and other professionals from academia and government sometimes appear in special events that focus on education and social issues.


As one of the largest and most affordable residential neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Williamsburg has a diverse population. For decades, this district has been attracting artists seeking prime studio space in The Big Apple.

In the late 1990s, Yuko Nii took advantage of the great professional and personal opportunities in Williamsburg. Educated in the United States of America, this Japanese artist purchased a historic property that was once occupied by the Kings County Savings Bank. Designed by Gamaliel King & William H. Wilcox in the 1860s, this French Second Empire edifice has landmark status in New York City. After extensive renovation, the charming building was converted into a cultural center for the public.

Since opening its doors, the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center has hosted hundreds of art exhibits and other presentations that celebrate diverse cultures. The institution has various guest speakers, entertainers, activists, intellectuals, and other interesting individuals from dozens of countries. Overall, the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center offers an interdisciplinary experience that appeals to a broad audience.

The WAH Salon Art Club was originally established to nurture local artists. This program gives emerging artists the chance to hone their skills through helpful resources and utilities. The Salon Art Club promotes the performing arts, fine arts, and digital technology. Teens and young adults from Brooklyn are encouraged to apply for this program which could open great career opportunities in the future.

Visiting Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center is situated just off Broadway in Brooklyn. Connecting the borough with Lower Manhattan, the Williamsburg Bridge stands above this cultural center and hundreds of other adjacent buildings. The New York City Subway offers direct access to Williamsburg at the Marcy Avenue station. This underground rail stop is served by the J, M, and Z lines that run through most of Brooklyn.

After exiting the subway station, you should walk westward on Broadway to find the historical center. This busy street also has numerous Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus stops. For example, the B32 and Q59 lines can drop you off only steps away from the attraction.

Location: 135 Broadway (at the corner of Bedford next to the Williamsburg Bridge in Williamsburg), Brooklyn, New York, NY

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