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Alphabet City, NYC Lower East Side

Consisting of more than 20 blocks, Alphabet City is a primarily residential neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York. Situated near the East River, this historic district is home to the beautiful Tompkins Square Park. This 10.5-acre park is the cultural and recreational epicenter of Alphabet City.

Alphabet City Attractions and Sightseeing

Spread out on more than 10 acres, Tompkins Square Park is the most notable public space in Alphabet City. Daniel D. Tompkins is the namesake of this historic green area that was established in the 19th century. He governed New York State and served as the vice president of the nation in the early 1800s.

Having a nearly perfect square shape, Tompkins Square Park is lined with multiple concentric walkways that are suitable for strolling, jogging, and bicycling. As you walk the lush grounds, you can admire multiple memorials that honor local culture and history.

Dedicated in 1891, the bronze statue of Samuel Sullivan Cox stands on top of a granite base. Cox was a prominent American diplomat in the late 19th century. Cast in 1906, the Slocum Disaster Memorial pays tribute to passengers who perished in one of the worst boating disasters in the East River. This piece is made of pink Tennessee marble with a steel top.

Funded by the American dentist Henry D. Cogswell, the Temperance Memorial Fountain is another notable landmark in Tompkins Square Park. This neoclassical-style fountain highlights the importance of drinking water for public health and safety. Other interesting features in the park include the Ukrainian American Flagstaff and East Side Post 868 American Legion Flagstaff.

The premier entertainment district in Alphabet City is located on East 3rd and East 4th streets. Featuring an intimate setting with a central stage, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater hosts alternative comedy and other underground-style shows. Having just more than 100 seats, the cozy Connelly Theater hosts Off-Broadway plays and other independent productions.


Alphabet City sits on top of land that was mostly covered in marshes in the 19th century. The growing demand for housing in Manhattan has permanently transformed this area that’s situated along the western banks of the East River. Immigrants from Europe and Ireland settled in the rapidly growing district in the middle of the century. At one point, Alphabet City was one of the largest enclaves for ethnic Germans in New York City. In fact, this part of NYC has been nicknamed Little Germany for generations.

Alphabet City was dramatically transformed in the 20th century by heavy government investment in affordable housing. Immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean gradually changed the face of the neighborhood after World War II. Today, Alphabet City is one of the main Spanish-speaking hubs in Manhattan.

Location and Transportation

Carrying westbound traffic, East 14th Street marks the northern edge of Alphabet City. Avenue D runs along the eastern boundary of this residential neighborhood. As one of the busiest thoroughfares in Manhattan, Houston Street identifies the southern border of the district. Avenue A serves as a border between Alphabet City and the rest of the East Village. Accommodating traffic heading in opposite directions, this street merges with FDR Drive, one of the main freeways in Manhattan.

More than 10 Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus stops serve the local residents and visitors in the neighborhood. Despite its relatively large size, Alphabet City doesn’t have any Subway stations. However, the 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue underground stations are located just a few blocks away from the district. Alphabet City has a nearly perfect grid layout, so finding a particular address should be easy.

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