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What Cars are Most Likely to Catch the Eye of a Thief in NYC?

It may seem like a no-brainer. Some thief has a choice between one of our Mercedes rentals or a Honda. Surely the Mercedes is a goner, right? Wrong.

When renting a New York exotic car rentals, many people assume that it is the high-end cars that are more likely to attract thieves. However, car thieves are more likely to steal older cars than they are to steal luxury brand vehicles, as odd as that may sound. Read on for what cars in particular car thieves are drawn to, why they like older cars and how you can protect our New York exotic car rentals on the streets.

Why Do Thieves Like Older Cars?

Ironically, older trucks and cars top the list of most-stolen vehicles year after year. Clearly, the thieves are not stealing these cars because they want them or want to sell them. At least the professional car thieves aren’t. Car thieves are responding to the demand for older car parts, which tend to be quite versatile. More people tend to drive older cars, so the market for used car parts for the used vehicles is also high. If an older car is stolen, it is usually stripped of its parts and it never makes it on to the street.

Another reason old cars are attractive for thieves is due to their technology. As opposed to our more recent New York exotic car rentals (such as the 2012 Convertible), older cars have worse security systems and are easier to break into and/or hotwire.

Which Cars are the More Attractive Option to Car Thieves?

Every year, the cars that top the top lists of stolen cars are not the latest and greatest things off the assembly line. They tend to be the tried and true workhorses of the auto industry. They are popular, yet unglamorous. And they are also very old. Many hail all the way from the 1990s.

Hondas and Toyotas top the list for compact and mid-sized cars. Domestic brands such a s Ford, Dodge, and Chevy all make an appearance as well, but in forms of pickups or vans.

Fortunately for you, none of our New York exotic car rentals top the list of most stolen cars. For more information on our vehicle selection, visit the Fleet section of our website!

How to Prevent Car Theft of New York Exotic Car Rentals

That said, car theft can happen to anyone, and it always helps to guard against it. Regardless of whether you currently drive one of the most stolen cars or are looking to rent one of our New York exotic car rentals, there are things you can do to help prevent car theft:

  • Use common sense: sometimes drivers turn car theft into cakewalk for thieves by leaving their cars unlocked with their keys in the ignition or “hidden” in some ideal spot. Start with the basic deterrent by locking your doors, rolling up your windows, and keeping your keys with you. Also, do not hide an extra key in your vehicle or anywhere outside the vehicle.
  • Park in well-lit, safe areas: thieves like to avoid witnesses, so dark abandoned parking lots are ideal for them. Stay away from those areas and aim for a brightly illuminated area with lots of people.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car: anything that will tempt a thief into your car may also attempt him or her to make off with your car. Never leave items such as cash, jewelry, or electronics in your car.

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