DUMBO, Brooklyn

NYC DUMBO Travel Guide

Located along the East River, DUMBO is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. This small district is marked by the famous Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. The Empire Fulton Ferry State Park and several other waterfront parks occupy the northern edge of this neighborhood. Additionally, DUMBO is home to the Brooklyn Historical Society, one of the top cultural venues in the borough.

Attractions and Walking Tours

The Brooklyn Historical Society is the premier cultural hub in DUMBO. With a rich history dating back to 1863, this institution is one of the oldest of its kind in New York City and North America. This museum is situated inside a historic property that was built in the Neoclassical Revival style in the 1870s. George B. Post, one of the leading American architects of the 19th century, designed this beautiful edifice.

The Brooklyn Historical Society presents exhibits that focus on the history and culture of the borough and NYC. Additionally, this cultural center hosts forums and other events that focus on diverse issues ranging from politics and sports to economics and food.

Straddling the banks of the East River, DUMBO has one of the best-developed waterfront areas in Brooklyn. Situated below the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park attracts flocks of visitors for recreation and relaxation. The open field at this state park is ideal for picnics, group workouts, concerts, and other exciting events throughout the year.

Originally built in the 1920s, Jane’s Carousel has been fully restored for the enjoyment of the public. The Empire Fulton Ferry State Park has wide promenades that overlook the iconic skyline of Lower Manhattan.

Of course, this green space also lets visitors admire the famous Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most recognizable suspension bridges in North America. You don’t have to be an architect or scholar to simply admire this infrastructure that revolutionized the American construction industry in the late 19th century.

Another historic suspension bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, also defines the scene in DUMBO. This landmark is flanked by Main Street Park and John Street Park. Both of these riverfront parks have trails, benches, and other amenities for the entire family.

Pebble Beach at Main Street Park is a great point for posing for photos with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. Overall, the waterfront of DUMBO attracts plenty of amateur and professional photographers seeking to snap perfect images of Manhattan’s and Brooklyn’s skylines.

Location and Transportation

DUMBO is a neighborhood that occupies a small portion of Brooklyn’s north-western tip. This historic district is bound by the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. However, these suspension bridges don’t actually offer direct access to the neighborhood. The exits and ramps of the bridges are located in Brooklyn Heights.

Situated at the southeastern corner of DUMBO, the York Street station is served by the F Line of the New York City Subway. This rapid transit route connects Brooklyn with Manhattan. Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) buses offer convenient service to various points in the district.

Additionally, the NYC Ferry operates several lines that pick up and drop off passengers at the BUMBO/BBP Pier 1 terminal. Located immediately to the west of the Brooklyn Bridge, this riverfront dock accommodates ferries along the East River and South Brooklyn routes.

DUMBO is a relatively compact and dense neighborhood, so street parking is very limited. You might need to park your vehicle several blocks away in adjacent residential neighborhoods, such as Vinegar Hill.

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