Four Seasons Pierre Hotel NYC Review

Four Seasons Pierre Hotel NYC Review

The Four Seasons Pierre New York luxury hotel is a modern testament to understated elegance and old-world charm. With its fantasy-like decor, distinctive design and convenient location, the Pierre is, without a doubt, one of New York Citys most prized first-class luxury hotels, providing travelers with a magical escape from the everyday. Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, the Four Seasons Pierre is designed much like the Palace of Versailles in France, evoking an overwhelming sense of regality and tradition. By far one of the most romantic hotels in all of New York City, the Four Seasons Pierre is highly recommended for vacationing lovebirds and honeymooning sweethearts, so why not treat your partner to a magical weekend away! The Four Seasons Pierre is located at 2 East 61st Street, just minutes from Central Park and Fifth Avenue.

Pleasant surprises await you around every corner inside the Four Seasons Pierre, thanks to dazzling chandeliers, intricate wall murals, and cascading Corinthian columns. For years the Pierre has stood as a beckon of hospitality and romance, providing cosmopolitan Action New York Luxury Car Rental clients with an unbelievable variety of first-class amenities and stunning style. A grand presence among the Four Seasons hotel group, the Pierre is quite unlike any other Four Seasons establishment, boasting ornate decor when most others showcase a subtle minimalist flare. An exciting adventure back in time to a place where propriety was still virtuous, the Four Seasons Pierre features 149 rooms, 52 suites, two stunning restaurants, an on-site fitness center, meeting rooms, and oh, so much more! Designed to provide Action New York Luxury Car Rentals clients with the very finest array of modern facilities, the Pierre is constantly evolving to better serve their growing list of international clients and high profile guests. Other amenities at the Pierre include children sized bathrobes, a charming gift shop, state-of-the-art business services, and valet parking for your exotic rent-a-car.

The Four Seasons Pierre boasts one of the city’s best vacation locations providing Action New York Luxury Car Rentals clients with access to some of the areas most stunning landmarks. Nearly 20 outstanding venues are within a one-mile radius of the distinguished hotel including places like the Rockefeller Center, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Bloomingdales, the Museum of Modern Art and the Ed Sullivan Theater. No other hotel in the city can provide you with a location like the Pierre, so why book a room that’s halfway across town? The Four Seasons Pierre provides customers with luxury and location in one, so call now to reserve an outstanding room.

The Four Seasons Pierre luxury hotel and vacation destination is specifically designed to cater to a wide variety of travelers including privacy-seeking celebrities, top-notch business professionals, daydreaming couples and fully-grown families. That’s why Responsible New York is positive that their clients will appreciate the hotel’s unwavering hospitality and complete discretion. From the child-friendly restaurant menus and bedtime milk and cookies to the sophisticated business amenities and high-speed internet access, the Four Seasons Pierre has everything you need to make the most of your upcoming Action New York luxury car rentals vacation, whether you’re traveling solo or with as part of a family. From the smallest guests to the most influential of visitors, the Four Seasons Pierre is ready and waiting to provide you with immaculate services and outstanding opportunities.

The Pierre Hotel Knows How to Party

From its perch on 61rst and Fifth Avenue, overlooking the park, The Pierre looks like a place where Don Draper might rendezvous with one of his typists. However, after $100 million renovations last June, The Pierre is ready to strut its stuff.

Maybe it’s an attempt to differentiate itself from the Eloise-residing The Plaza across the street.  Maybe it’s a metaphorical facelift to attract fresh blood.  Whatever the reasoning, The Pierre is pulling off what might be one of the greatest dance parties in town.

According to The New York Times, this grande dame of a hotel has been hosting Rumor, a dance party, taking place every other Thursday since last February.  Until 2 a.m. in lobby bar Two E Lady Gaga and Jay Z blast while the well-shod Upper East Side shakes its ($200 jeans) booty.  The idea sprang from a supposedly righteous New Year’s party by Irfan Haque who had since toed the line between luxury and excess for Midtown East.

Notably, there is no velvet rope (for now), so everyone from tourists to hotel staff to financiers and fashionistas.  As The Times reports, specialty cocktails are $14 and beers can be found as low as $8.

Of course, a healthy dose of stuffiness still pervades in the form of Le Caprice, an elegantly stogy immigrant from across the Pond.  Fans of old-school British cuisine will find laughably upscale fish and chips replete with mushy peas or a Dover sole, and Americans can still enjoy red-blooded New York strip steak and a burger.

 Final Word

To learn more about the Four Seasons Pierre luxury hotel before reserving your upcoming Action New York Luxury Car Rentals rent-a-car please feel free to contact the staff by phone at 1-212-838-8000 or fax your questions to 1-212-758-1615. Action New York Luxury Car Rentals clients can also learn more about the Four Seasons hotel group by visiting their official website at

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