Midtown NYC Budget Hotel

Budget Hotel in Midtown NYC

Manhattan’s Times Square & Macy’s are Moments Away

Accommodations in New York aren’t cheap. Is it possible to find a hotel in the heart of the Big Apple without compromising? That depends on how soundly you sleep…

Manhattan on a budget is surely the mother of all oxymorons. Even the briefest of city breaks will leave you with a handful of shrapnel in your bank account.

One way to keep spending down is your choice of hotel. There are so many adventures to be had in New York, you shouldn’t be spending too much time locked in your room. To be fair, if your idea of a holiday here is purring into your complimentary bathrobe and dining exclusively from a room service menu, you deserve to be barred from the country.

Back to Basics

If the brand name above the door doesn’t concern you, the Americana Inn fits the bill quite nicely. While not quite matching the standards of budget hotel chains in the UK (formica-topped coffee tables and net curtains have been dispensed with), it’s basic and clean and all you need for your trip. Existing in the twilight world between hotel and hostel, rooms are private, clean, and furnished with a tv and a sink, while bathrooms are shared with two other rooms and cleaned daily. There is no room service, but you shouldn’t miss it; there are delis and restaurants in whichever direction you explore, ideal when you’re after a real taste of the city.

Location, Location, Location

It’s where you matter at the Americana. On the corner of 6th Avenue and 38th Street, you’re a few minute’s walk from the neon blazes of Times Square, Broadway, the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, and Macy’s. If New York is the capital of the world, then you’re not far from the center of the universe, if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphors.

A great location, affordable and clean – so what’s the catch? Well, while staying on 6th Avenue sounds dreamy, the Americana Inn isn’t a soaring 40-floor tower of steel and glass-like other hotels in Midtown. It’s a stubby, brown-bricked dwarf of a building, only five stories high. If you happen to stay in a corner apartment facing the outside world, you’ll be only yards above brake light city, where a constant hail of yellow taxis know where their horn is and how to use it.

If you’re a light sleeper who needs a full eight hours every night this probably isn’t the hotel for you, but then maybe a good night’s rest in the city that never sleeps is the greatest oxymoron of them all.

The Americana Inn
69 West 38th Street
Manhattan NY 10018.Tel: +1 212 840 6700 Fax: +1 212 840 1830


From $125 per twin/double, per night

What you’ll love

The greatest sights of Manhattan, all within walking distance

What you’ll hate

If you’re a light sleeper, feeling like you’re lying alongside a motorway

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