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Affordable Rooms on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

New York’s hotels can cost a small fortune, but a tight budget shouldn’t mean you miss out. Live without the luxuries and choose an affordable hostel on Manhattan’s UWS.

The Upper West Side of Manhattan (UWS) is a hostel mecca for travelers. Sandwiched in between Central Park and the Hudson River is a feast of bars and restaurants, parks, and museums.

It’s widely considered one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods, more family orientated and laid back than elsewhere and certainly not as frenetic. There’s always the risk of a good night’s sleep in the UWS.

The other benefit of staying on the Upper West Side is transport. Buses are frequent and there are three subway lines serving the area, compared to just one for the Upper East Side (a sore point with the thousands of commuters who live there).

There are several examples of hostels on the UWS below, but first, you need to consider whether hostel accommodation is right for you.

Is a Hostel Right for You?

Depending on your point of view, booking into a hostel is either an affordable godsend that allows you to explore the world on a budget or tantamount to sleeping in the gutter. Would your accommodation heighten the experience of a trip to New York? Or do you simply need a bed for the night? Your preference can translate into a five-fold saving or more.

The Difference Between a Hostel and a Hotel

Hostels certainly don’t suit every taste. Even if you’ve only stayed in budget hotels, the decor and furniture of a hostel may startle you. Assuming you’re not keen to stay in shared dorms with several other people, here’s what you’re likely to find in your room:

  • A bed
  • Pillows, sheets, and blankets
  • Towels and soap

There may be a television, perhaps a table and chair but they’ll be very little else. It’s very unlikely you’ll have en-suite facilities (unless you pay more) and instead you’ll share a communal bathroom with up to five other rooms. Most hostels have internet access in the reception area, some have refreshments available.

Choosing a Hostel in NYC

Be sure to hunt around for the best prices. Some websites can charge as much for a hostel as a regular hotel. When reading reviews for hostels always remember that no matter what the cost of the accommodation, whether it’s $50 or $500 a night, somebody will always be unhappy. A person who feels dissatisfied is more likely to post a review than somebody who doesn’t.

Below are three examples of hostel accommodation on the UWS of Manhattan. All are typically low-cost hostels, providing a roof over your head, a clean bed (a comfortable mattress is sometimes optional), and a great locale.

The Columbus Studios

106 W 83rd Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam Aves

Tel: +1 870 701 4444

The perfect location for experiencing the UWS, with high profile restaurants such as Citrus just over the road and the Museum of Natural History less than five minutes walk away.

West Side Inn Hostel

237 W 107th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway

Tel: +1 212 866 0061

The location is intriguing – Broadway is unrecognizable compared to further south in midtown. Here, local people go about their day without the fuss or pretension of elsewhere in Manhattan – this is real life without the neon, New York without its face paint.

Jazz on the Green

36 W 106th St, between Central Park West and Manhattan Ave

Tel: +1 212 932 1600

There’s a small café in the reception area and the promise of parties and barbecues through the Summer months. A firm favorite of students and younger travelers.

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