Pedestrian Safety: Jaywalking NYC

Pedestrian Safety: Jaywalking NYC

NYC – Jaywalking

In New York City, people are everywhere. They are on the sidewalks and worst of all, on the road, walking right out in front of your car. While it may be illegal to jaywalk in New York, that doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway. All drivers are walkers at some point, so it is important for you to put yourself in the pedestrian’s shoes and try to empathize with them. Or at least, anticipate what they’re going to do next. In order to save yourself a heart attack every time a pedestrian jumps out at you, here are some tips for keeping your cool. It may even help save a life or two.

Can you get fined for jaywalking in NYC?

Jaywalking is against the law in New York, according to Section 1152 of the Vehicle and Traffic Laws. Even with this law, though, jaywalking is still common in New York. As a result, it is certain that a jaywalking pedestrian will be hit by an automobile at some time. Pedestrians are expected to obey all traffic signs and signals as well as traffic rules. In most circumstances, the car will be at blame, even if the crosswalk was not present when the person was injured.

Drivers must yield the right-of-way to you if you are on a crosswalk without a traffic control signal [Section 1151, NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law].

If there is no crosswalk, sign, or signal at a mid-block site, you must give the right-of-way to all vehicles on the roadway [Section 1152, NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law]. Crossing at an intersection is always safer.

Use sidewalks where they are available and safe. When there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the street or shoulder, facing traffic [NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 1156-b]. Maintain as much distance to the left as possible.

How much is a jaywalking ticket in New York?

Jaywalking tickets are expensive and require you to appear in court. If you have any questions regarding the laws or the validity of the citation, speaking with an attorney is an excellent place to start. A professional traffic ticket lawyer can advise you whether or not to dispute the ticket. Here are the current fines for pedestrian-related violations.

Violation Code Description Fines & Fees 2023
1155 Pedestrian Failed To Use CrossWalk $150
1156-A Failed To Use Sidewalks/pedestrian $150
1156-B Failed To Walk Left-facing Traffic $150
1157-A Hitchhiking in NYC $150

Safety Tips for Driving in Manhattan

  • Pedestrians always have the right of way, unless they are jaywalking. However, just because they are jaywalking, that does not give you license to hit them (no matter how much you may want to teach them a lesson). Make all attempts to stop if a jaywalker crosses the street in front of you.
  • If you are in a busy area, such as main intersections, or school and playground zones, expect that someone is going to cross the street and slow down. Decreasing your speed by a few miles per hour will give you more time to stop and help you stop faster if the unexpected happens.
  • Make sure your lights and windshield are clean. New York City is infamous for its nightlife and if you are driving your Manhattan rental car around at night, chances are a pedestrian will appear on the street. Except the darkness will make them harder to see. See and be seen by keeping your windshield and lights clear and crisp.
  • Keep your eyes on other vehicles around you. Sometimes they may see something you don’t – such as someone crossing the street. Be prepared to stop in case another vehicle is stopped for a pedestrian.
  • If you are stopping for a pedestrian, don’t block the crosswalk if you can help it. If you pull right up to the crosswalk lines, your Manhattan rental car may obscure the view of other drivers who may not realize someone is crossing. Make sure the pedestrian has completely cleared the adjacent lanes before proceeding; this will alert other drivers that there is someone crossing the street. If you notice any vehicles approaching the intersection quickly, flash your brake lights or honk your horn. This could alert both the driver and the pedestrian.
  • If you are turning left, be aware of pedestrians crossing the street to your left. Due to the constantly busy streets in New York, you may be focused on approaching traffic and fail to notice pedestrians. When you spot a gap, check for pedestrians and then turn.
  • Keep an eye out for jaywalkers while navigating the streets in your Manhattan rental car. Although drivers have the right of way over jaywalkers, no one wins if a collision happens. However, renting your car from Action Car Rentals causes everyone to win. Visit our website to reserve your Manhattan rental car.

Facts About Jaywalking in NYC

  • November is the month when pedestrian collisions are most likely to occur. April is the month when they are least likely to occur.
  • Pedestrian collisions occur most often on a Friday and least often on a Saturday.
  • As for the time of day, pedestrian collisions are most likely to happen during the evening rush hour period.
  • Most of the time, it is the driver who fails to yield to the right of way of the pedestrian. Don’t be one of them – drive cautiously.

Be a responsible driver – keep an eye out for jaywalkers during your upcoming Manhattan vacation.

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