How to Ask for Directions in an Unfamiliar City

When you want to ask for directions in New York, it may be a little intimidating. But it can be important to ask for directions in an unfamiliar city to keep safe as you stroll or drive in one of our Manhattan rental cars. In the spring and summer, New York is flooded with people coming into the city to check it out. There are a few things to keep in mind if you don’t want to upset New Yorkers!

On the sidewalk

When you are in New York with our Manhattan rental cars, make sure you pull over if you plan on stopping to ask for directions – both on the road or when you’re walking on the sidewalk. You should never just stop in the middle of the road in a car, and sidewalks in New York are often just as busy as most roadways. If you need to stop to look at a map or to see the sites, try to get out of the way. Otherwise, people may run into you from behind and get angry. If you are in a large group, it is also courteous to walk in twos because more people move slower and block the sidewalk. When you need to ask for directions on the sidewalk when you are here with your Manhattan rental cars, try to find someone that looks like they are not in too much of a hurry. And if the first person says no, try the next person that looks friendly.

Asking for directions

When you are here in one of our Manhattan rental cars, you will find New Yorkers, though they may be in a rush to get somewhere, are friendly and will likely help you find your way. There is a sense of pride when New Yorkers can help you get somewhere faster. But it is best not to ask for recommendations about their favorite place to eat or shop. The hotel concierge is a better person to ask for recommendations. Plus, many New Yorkers will not want to give up their favorite spots to tourists, so they may not tell you the truth anyway! When asking for directions, it is best to know what you want to ask, rather than fiddle around with your map or other items. Donít forgets the person you are asking may also be in a hurry to get somewhere, so they may not have a lot of time to chat, even if they are happy to point you in the right direction.

Or maybe you don’t need to ask a stranger

When you are here with your Manhattan rental cars, you may be lost, but you don’t need to ask for directions! NYCgo is the official NYC Information Center that is located in Midtown Manhattan as well as online. It is aimed at both visitors and residents for information on hotels, dining, attractions, and events, as well as a calendar of cultural events. They have partnered with Google to set up an interactive map that can be sent to your phone, and it is available in nine languages. This is a great tool to explore before you come to the city so you can have an idea of where you want to go. And the feature on your cell phone will be invaluable when you are in the city!

When you are here with your Manhattan rental cars, you will find asking for directions from New Yorkers is easy. If someone turns you down the first time, just ask someone else who looks like they know where they are going and isn’t on the phone. You can find out more about how you can rent a car with Action and its policies by browsing our website.

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