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New York American Girl Doll Store

Centrally located in Midtown Manhattan, American Girl Place is a boutique store that sells signature dolls. Offering plenty of custom options, this iconic retailer is a wonderland for young girls. An on-site salon, cafe, and party packages are some of the amenities that make this wonderful venue much more than just an ordinary toy store. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour.

American Girl Dolls

Truly Me is perhaps the most popular feature at American Girl Place. This section of the store includes a kiosk with tablets that allow customers to customize their dolls. With a few taps of a touch screen, it’s possible to choose personalized accessories and clothing for the dolls. The dresses, shoes, and other items may include numerical characters and letters. The skin tone, hair, facial features, and other physical attributes of the dolls could be precisely selected at Truly Me.

The Historical Characters department includes dolls from the company’s various eras. At the Content Hub, customers could buy books and other publications on the iconic dolls. There’s also an entire section dedicated to the classic Wellie Wishers. You can buy toddler dolls at Bitty Baby, which has blankets and other accessories normally used for babies.

Amenities and Services

American Girl Place has a salon that’s fully staffed by professional hairstylists. Girls and their custom dolls can get matching hairstyles at this contemporary salon. Several colorful ribbons are added to the final touch of the session.

Ear piercing services for dolls and girls are also offered at this specialty boutique. Care pamphlets and extra sets of earrings are provided after the quick and pain-free procedure. Additionally, girls and their precious dolls could both get manicures in a wide range of colorful finishes. There are even custom spa packages that are available for 18-inch dolls. For example, stickers with facial scrubs and cucumber designs are designed to pamper beautiful dolls.

Having a casual layout, American Girl Place invites patrons for delicious brunch, lunch, and dinner. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, grilled salmon, and burgers are some popular items on the menu. Parents and guardians can also enjoy champagne and wine while the kids drink lemonades, smoothies, or other sweet beverages. A private party room with catering services is available at this iconic doll store.


In business since 1986, the Pleasant Company has produced custom dolls with accessories and apparel inspired by various eras in the United States. Measuring 18 inches in height, the signature dolls are available in a wide range of appearances that could be customized by shoppers.

In the late 1990s, the Pleasant Company opened several stores in major cities nationwide. Already having a well-established retail sector, Midtown Manhattan was the ideal place for the first American Girl Place in New York City. This unique boutique-style venue provides interactive and personalized experiences that aren’t available in most toy stores.

Visiting American Girl Place, New York

American Girl Place is located at the Rockefeller Plaza, a mixed-used complex in Midtown Manhattan. The store’s main entrances are situated on West 51st Street and West 52nd Street. Each street only carries one-way traffic in this busy part of the borough.

The nearest New York City Subway station is located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 53rd Street. You can take the E and M trains to this underground station that accommodates passengers at the Rockefeller Center, which is lined with some of the borough’s tallest skyscrapers.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) buses also stop on 6th Avenue within walking distance of the specialty store. Several indoor parking garages are also located between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue.

Location: 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, NY, 10019

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